10 Home Decor Ideas with greenery & budget-friendly ways

10 Home Decor Ideas with greenery & budget-friendly ways

It is the décor that makes a house into your home. It adds the personalized touch of your likes, styles, and attitude to the walls and windows and emits a cozy and comfortable feeling of home. The choice of colours, furniture, wall decors, and almost every element adds up to beautifying your space. The latest trend in home decor is budget-friendly and easy DIY ideas that can create energetic designs and styles without the need for expensive items. By introducing elements such as plants, lights, mirrors it is possible to weave a beautiful home within your budget. Here are 10 amazing ways you can decorate your homes well within your budget.

1. Potted Greenery: Indoor greenery is the latest trend that brings a fresh new look to your interiors instantly. These small plants reflect life and energy and make the entire place look lively. You can add potted plants near windows, plants in small decorative vases near shelves, couch, tables. These plants are a great way of introducing colours to plain wall shades such as white, off-white, egg-shell. Alternatively, you can also add some colour to the décor by introducing colourful crotons and fake plants that can match your basic colour scheme and compliment the place well. These decorative plants are also great air freshener.

Potted Greenery

Source: Spa Vargas

2. A String of Lights: Lights always add a rich and gorgeous effect to your homes. It adds spirit and life to your interior and brings out the essence in the décor. Apart from interior lighting such as chandeliers, there are more subtle ways of using lights for home decor. Using strings of lights to decorate walls, tables, etc. is a fun way of exploring new styles of home decor. One can also use an extension cord to place the lights at an appropriate level. You can utilize plain walls to add strings of light alternated with lines of your favorite photographs to add a personal touch to your home décor. You can also use these light strings in balconies, tables or nightstands or around wall mount TVs to beautify these spots at night. You can add them alongside your regular curtains and bring in the festive spirit every day.

A String of Lights

Source: Urban Outfitters

3. Mirror Mirror on the wall: Using mirrors in your interior décor is not only about taking a quick look before you leave. It can also add a charming, classy elegance to your décor style with ease. It can accentuate the light flow in your home and also create interesting views and frames. You can start by adding a show stopper piece to the center of your main wall. This will become the focal point for you to arrange your room. You can also work with a small mirror hanging on the wall. It frames the view and when placed on the sides of the door or in the hallway create a sense of balance. You can try various shapes and sizes and decorate your interiors within budget with this practical element.

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Mirror Mirror on the wall


4. Vertical gardens: Vertical gardens are an elegant way of introducing greenery to your homes. It brings together the fresh greenery from your outside mixed with creative crafts and can turn an empty wall into a pragmatic space. You can start by hanging potted plants and decorating the spaces between them with wall murals or colors. You can also utilize simple items such as wood, leather, plastic bottles to cover the space in between these pots. Alternatively, try creepers or tray herb gardens that are both practical as well as beautifying when used as décor. Succulent gardens are yet another style that is easy to maintain and attractive to include in your décor.

Vertical gardens

Source: Waldenlabs

5.Basket: Traditional weaved baskets add an old charm to your home space. You can start off with simple green plants along with some fruits or flowers to use these as décor items. You can step up the game by hanging colorful hand-weaved baskets on the wall. These baskets can be utilized both as storage spaces as well as home décor items when stocked with the right items. You can also use them to hold colorful bottles, lights, pebbles, cushions, newspapers to make them both useful and attractive.



6. Bottles: Bottles are the easiest DIY tricks to use for decorating your homes within budget. There are various ways of utilizing bottles to create colorful and bold styles of décor. You can use old colorful glass bottles with lights strings inside to light up your rooms in beautiful colors or use them for making decorative reading light. You can also cut these bottles in shapes and use them to plant small herbs, plants or flowers and place them inside the house. Cut out bottles can be used to hold candles or even act as night lamps. Spray paints, threads, foils can be used to style these bottles based on your personal interior theme.



7. Wall with dry greeneries: You can use tree branches, twigs, dry leaves, etc on your walls to give a rustic look to your interior. Add these to bed or furniture frames, wall hangings, photo frames, etc to add an old charm and drama to your look. You can pick beautiful leaves such as maple for this type of décor. Green leaves and branches can also be used to decorate your interiors. Leaf string can be wrapped around chairs, tables, windows to add greenery in a subtle manner.

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Wall with dry greeneries

Source: Anders Bergstedt/My Scandinavian Home

8. Pile up pillows and cushions: When it comes to interior décor your furniture has a lot to add to the equation. There are various ways of utilizing this furniture to bring colors and style to your homes. Pile up the couch, chairs, and sofas with multi-color or monochrome cushions and let the depth you add speak for itself. You can introduce quotes, prints through these cushions or pillows to your interiors easily. You can also use them to add elegance to your color themes. These are cheap and easy to fix up but add lots of drama.

Pile up pillows and cushions

Source: Ideal Home

9. Greenery centerpieces: From roses, orchids to lilies, herbs, sporadic blossoms, succulents help in creating artistic and graceful centerpieces. Green centerpieces are truly an eye-catching style for interior decoration. A beautiful bouquet, wretches, garlands, luxurious display of flowers and greenery in crystal bowls, silverware, glasses, boxes, etc can be the centerpiece for your living, dining rooms. Adding candles and lights around can enhance the beauty of these pieces and also bring emphasis to them in the night. You can also use faux greenery in place of real ones and add them to decorative vases.

Greenery centerpieces

Source: https://www.theknot.com/content/greenery-centerpiece-ideas

10. Poster collage: Posters when utilized like abstract art help decorate your walls in bold and bright colors. You can get creative while choosing these by either keeping a theme or picking complementary patterns and styles that accentuate your wall color and furniture. You can use metal or wooden photo frames to organize them or create a collage that covers the wall. You can also frame the collages with leaf strings.

Poster collage

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/538813542902812638/

These easy and budget-friendly interior décor ideas will bring the fresh greenery into your house and add style and elegance to the interiors.

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