5 Best Travel Hacks When Travelling To India

Travel Hacks When Travelling To India

India is a beautiful place and there is no doubt about it. With vast unity in diversity of the rich culture and tradition, you surely will get to explore many things right from historical monuments, lovely people around, amazing food and some of the best places around which you might not have had seen earlier.

Surely to travel in India should not be a trouble since this country itself has got a great infrastructure facility and amazing technology but still, there are some of the things that you might want to know for a safer side. Remember, whenever you plan to explore a new destination, it is important to have some travel hacks ready with you so that there will not be any problem.

1. Go For Vegetarian Food:

India is a place known for some incredible mixture of spices that are being used in the city. Surely this place is more of vegetarian dishes to enjoy and it is wise for you if you choose the right one. Vegetarian food is a specialty of the country and there are some undoubtedly the top-notch non-vegetarian places too but the price for the same is quite high.

If you have a stringent budget then it is always better to save money and ordering lip-smacking vegetarian food that has got a lot of delicious options for you. Other than this, non-vegetarian options if you are looking around for such as beef or pork is a strict no plus when you are in India then you should try Indian Cuisine

2. Save Money By Buying Souvenirs From Street Markets

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Known for amazing art and crafts, souvenirs in India is the best thing to shop for when in India. But for that, you don’t have to go to places that are ravishingly rich and have high prices. Rather there are some of the art and craft pieces that are being sold on the street too.

Talking about the shopping, you surely plan to give some of the souvenirs to your loved ones at cheap prices and which of course are of great quality too. The local street markets can be a great place to buy some of the best Indian souvenirs which are quite cheaper and of great quality.

3. Choose Guests Houses Over Hotels

Hotels can be available at a budget-friendly price but if you want to have a unique style of living then probably, you must look for a guest house. The best part is the guest house is much cheaper than that of the hotels plus the food you get here is especially homemade food that you must try. With more of a home stay at the convenient pricing, you can plan for a trip to India at great pricing. Guest houses are the best way to experience the culture of India like locals and even you can meal with an Indian family.

4. Always Carry Cash

Surely India is a developing country but you need to understand that there are some places where if you go cashless then it could probably be difficult. With advancing India, you might think that ATM can be easily available but yes for local transportation there won’t be any card facility accepted and so in the street markets.

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You have to do the payment by cash. Plus in India where the location of some tourist places could be out of network and have narrow steeps then you may need to have some cash with you especially in case of emergency.

5. Don’t Buy Bottled Water

India is a place where water shall not be a problem for you. When traveling you may need water but yes, you need to keep in mind that not every place needs to have quality mineral water. Even if there is bottled mineral water available, you need to carry several own bottles otherwise buying each bottle always can be quite a costly thing.

Now that you have all the important things ready with you, it is time for you to look for the right hotel at a great deal and don’t forget to carry your camera

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