5 Casual style hacks for the modern man

5 Casual style hacks for the modern man

Ask any fashion consultant, and they’d tell you one thing for sure – men are more troubled than women about how they look. Read on to find the casual style for the modern man.

A recent study led by David Frederick, Ph.D. and an assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University came up with an astounding discovery.

For women, satisfaction with their overall appearance was the third strongest pillar of overall satisfaction. As for men, appearance satisfaction was the second strong predictor next to financial satisfaction.

It’s easy peasy for most men to look good in a suit. If you have the money and a skilled tailor, then chances are, you will rock getting dressed up. Just hand over the amount, listen to their sartorial know-how, and allow them to stitch something that fits your body contours well.

But casual wear is a whole different story. Trying to make combos out of everyday ensembles can seriously stump an otherwise fashion-sensible man. If this sounds like you, our guide should help you in those moments of fuzz.

What is Casual Dress Today?

The first rule of casual style for the modern man, there are no rules!

There is no predefined style. You go with the flow. If you have received an invitation to follow a casual dress code, it probably means anything that goes. For example, if there is a pool party, you can bring along your swim shorts.

Following the crowd will construct your casual dressing sense over time. Next time you are at a club on a Saturday night, look for men your age. Most prefer to put on jeans and some untucked shirts.

Note that people often mistake casual style for the modern man appearance. You don’t have to follow what teenagers around you are doing. Instead, be your age. Maturity is an attractive quality in men. It shows masculinity and commands respect.

Fashion brands these days have realized that casual clothing is where people spend most of their money. Brands like Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada –luxury fashion entities with over 400 years of combined background turn into the “hyped” brands. They are collaborating with a lucrative streetwear market that dominates the industry.

However, the beauty of casual wear lies in the fact that you don’t have to spend thousands on buying a branded pair of jeans. You can look ace at a minimal budget!

5 Casual Style Hacks

  1. Keep It Simple

If you want to remain stylish, then keep it simple. Loud logos and oversized apparel do not make it to the list of casual wear. Despite popular belief, you don’t need graphic tees to look edgy or original.

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Instead, go for solids. Single-colored t-shirts with stripes or henleys can be a better option. You can also put on polo shirts or a simple white shirt.

Thus, the key is to combine a couple of essential pieces for an effortless take on casual style.

  1. Denim It Out

Jeans are a staple item for every modern man out there. It is all about finding the right fit. Also, invest in several good pieces and prevent them from stains. A pair or two from high-end brands would last longer than the usual jeans you purchase from men’s store down the street.

Leave the baggy styles with embellishments for kids skating at the park. Casual jeans do not carry excessive distress, rips, or any bleaching spots.

When in doubt – go for a dark color. For instance, neat and dark blue jeans that fit can make you look fantastic. But if you are an athletic guy with big thighs, find an athletic pair of a dark tone. As for an average build, any other style could work well.

  1. Pay Attention to Details

Men put on their jeans and t-shirt to almost everywhere. Be it a sudden plan of drinks with friends or a romantic dinner date – all you need is simple but sleek jeans coupled with a decent t-shirt.

Yet, you often get stuck when making minor decisions. Such as to tuck in or not? Roll the sleeves or let them be? Slim or relaxed cut jeans? Apparently, these seem to be subtle variations, but they can make a world of difference to your overall appearance.

Here is how you should go about:

  • Rolling Sleeves – it is the simplest way of making a dress look relaxed. However, you must get it right by not going higher than two turns. It will bring the edge of your sleeves somewhere between your elbow and the wrist.
  • Tuck-in Shirt – pulling a tuck-in without looking bulky above the waistline is not an easy feat. That’s why you need to learn the military tuck. Pinch the excess fabric at either side of the waist and tuck at the waistband sides to remove bagginess.
  1. Pick Yourself a Uniform

A more accurate word for “uniform” would be “signature style.” Two main reasons for a man to have his uniform is that it saves time and keeps decision fatigue at bay. President Obama, for instance, usually wore a navy blue suit when in office.

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He told Vanity Fair that he was trying to pare down decisions. He wished to avoid deciding what to eat or what to wear because he had a lot on his plate.

There are other icons like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, with their turtlenecks and hoodies, respectively. We learn two keys here – simple and efficient. Find a similar way of dressing for yourself. It should enhance your looks and make you look at ease. For some men, a rotation of blue trousers, a white shirt, and sneakers could be the ultimate statement.

One aspect of working on a signature look is experience. Experiment with new styles to know what complements your physique, color, hair, age, and lifestyle. It must be a look where you feel comfortable and happy. Also, take some time out to study how classy gentlemen carry themselves around.

  1. Level Up Your Layering Game

Thoughtful layering is the fundamental rule of casual fashion. You can start with light and thin layers closer to your body like breathable boxer briefs. Then move to thicker, more massive layers on the top.

On chilly winter days, put on a thermal undershirt. Next, you can wear a button-down flannel shirt. Then maybe a textured woolen blazer with a scarf on the top. Or wearing a shirt open over a t-shirt will break your frame and make you look slender. These are only a few suggestions. You can look up further guidelines on how you should go about layers as per seasons and occasions.

When working on layers, don’t forget your footwear. Needless to say that sneakers fail to offer an air of distinction brought by boat shoes or classic loafers. Yet if you must wear sneakers, make sure they are clean, sleek, and grab attention.

Parting Thoughts

The motive of our blog was to give you an idea or a starting point. Once you are on it, you can take your style game up a notch by infusing new ensembles into your wardrobe. Most importantly, it is crucial to carry yourself with confidence and sensibility. This leaves an aura of wonder and intrigue upon the people you meet each day.

We hope you will find a well-dressed guy next time you look into the mirror!




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