5 Outfit Ideas For The Classy Gentlemen

5 Outfit Ideas For The Classy Gentlemen

Staying classy is not as easy as you once thought. The latest clothing styles don’t always reflect the classiness that is commonly associated with a gentleman. In fact, most men do not even care about the way they dress or present themselves.

The truth is that, if you want to be a gentleman, then you will eventually need to pay attention to the way you dress. Wearing classic outfits will afford you the respect of society and give you a strong personality.

Society perceives men equipping classy attires as upstanding individuals. As such, people will judge you instantaneously as the most important man in the room if you dress better than everybody else.

A well-dressed gentleman attracts some unique benefits because of the respect the style generates. Rather, your chances of meeting successful people and being successful yourself skyrockets if you consistently dress like a gentleman.

Consistently pulling off a classy style is hard, especially if you are new to this style of dressing. This obstacle is precisely the reason why I am writing this article; so that I can share the techniques on how you can also dress like a classy gentleman.

1. Get The Perfect Fit In Your Suit

A three-piece suit is one of the most iconic gentleman’s outfits in the history of humankind. However, there are places you can go wrong even with this classic piece of clothing. You must only wear a suit that is a perfect fit for your ergonomics.

Custom-tailored suits are preferable since they match to your exact specifications. It might not seem like much, but a well-fitted suit and a general size suit renders a world of difference.

If you are wearing an ill-fitting suit, you may come off as lazy and garish. The perfect fit should neither be too loose nor too tight for your body. You may also consider purchasing a suit from a reputed brand and tailoring it to match your specifications.

2. Keep Your Footwear Clean And Classy

Most men often forget the importance of footwear, but on the contrary, footwear is one of the first things that will get noticed, especially by the opposite sex. It is paramount for a gentleman to keep their footwear clean at all times.

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Invest in more than one pair of formal shoes, in different shades to match better with different formal attires. The loafers are remarkably versatile and can go along with formal and casuals with ease.

Sporting a bare ankle is exceptionally suave. Nevertheless, it is advisable to always wear socks for preventing any funny smell from emitting from your shoes. Moreover, socks also provide extra comfort to your feet while wearing shoes.

The ankle cut socks are great for donning along with loafers. They can effectively hide from plain sight while providing all the advantages that a pair of socks serve.

3. Go With Smart Colours That Suits Your Skin Tone

Formals do not need to be boring and identical in color. There is a vast range of colors that can replace your go-to formal wear any day of the week. Trousers are one of the items in your wardrobe that men often entirely ignore.

If you have not already started, it is high time that you start experimenting with trousers and chinos in colors such as burgundy, teal, and olive. These colors work on casuals as well, in case you want to go to a casual gathering and still look classy.

5 Outfit Ideas For The Classy Gentlemen

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On the other hand, you will do well to avoid bright and funky colors like neon green or orange or pink. These colors do not complement the natural complexion of human skin. Further, they can make you seem as though you are not a serious individual.

4. Accessorize Yourself

Accessories grant a boatload of options for you to experiment with your outfit. Accessories are thought to be the exclusive domain of ladies, and hence the majority of men neglect it.

Contrary to popular belief, a gentleman can profit from using head and wrist accessories.

Hats and sunglasses are the all-time favorite accessories for the gentleman’s head. Although formal use of hats is not in vogue in recent times, sunglasses are always an asset to your wardrobe. Ensure you find the right frame that matches the shape of your head.

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5 Outfit Ideas For The Classy Gentlemen

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Wrist accessories such as bracelets and watches can make you look more refined. Watches with metal and leather straps are time-honored, but leather straps are making way for faux leather straps due to environmental concerns.

Bead Bracelets are a fine alternative to wristwatches for decorating your wrists.Bead Bracelets are also obtainable in a wide array of choices, including bracelets crafted with precious metals and rare gemstones.

Accessories that complement with the rest of your attire is the first rule of being classy. You can detail your exclusive style by careful use of accessories that match with your personality.

Be that as it may, going overboard with accessories can quickly ruin your carefully curated outfit.

5. Tend To Your Wardrobe

If you want to be classy, you must only wear clean clothes. A little dirt on your collar or cuff could ruin your reputation instantly. Even using perfumes will not be enough to cover up the fact that you are using dirty or unkempt clothes.

Besides, taking proper care of clothes and keeping them neat and tidy will prolong the life of your wardrobe. Store your costumes in a clean and dry place away from dust and moisture for the best protection.

Clean your shoes after every wear to remove most of the dirt and then allow it to rest for at least 24 hours. Using shoe trees have a profound effect in maintaining their natural shape, and they also remove the moisture from the inside of shoes.


While it is true that being a classy gentleman is an acquired taste, you can start dressing classy just by following the tips in this article. Going for quality over quantity when adding to your wardrobe is a sure shot way to look chic.

If you are starting on rebuilding your wardrobe, including the classic evergreen outfits is an excellent way to get you started. You can keep using these outfits in various combinations throughout your lifetime as these classics never go out of trend.

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