5 Tips for Choosing Makeup Colors for Your Wedding

Having a cute dress and accessories are all part of a perfect wedding. However, they are never enough to guarantee a good look for your special day. There has to be makeup to bring everything into its rightful position.

Similar to other special occasions, planning for a wedding requires early preparations. As you rush to the shop to get that special dress, have the same energy for your skin products. A variety of issues inspire wedding makeup colors, some of them being the skin tone and wedding garment.

Below are five tips for choosing makeup colors for your wedding.

1. Pick the Right Products

Apart from it being your wedding day, there is nothing different from other days. This means that it is not the perfect time to try out new things. Instead, focus more on products that your skin has got used to.

Trying new products can easily lead to makeup failure, which dismantles the whole wedding look. Standard skin prep practices have to be there. Wash the face followed closely by moisturization.  Before any other product, pick your primer, which plays a critical role in defining the face.

The primer you choose should be something close to the tone of your skin. Before going for the concealer, pick the right foundation for your skin. However, going for the right products without giving the primer enough time to dry will interfere with the color of the product.

Always be sure that the foundation product you pick works well with your skin. The same product should be in a position of providing full coverage without exaggerating the skin color.

With the foundation in place, all blemishes on your skin will be evident. Donning such flaws on your wedding day will kill the overall look. The best alternative to get rid of them is through the use of an appropriate concealer.

Concealers come in a variety of tones. It is thus upon you to pick something that will work perfectly for your skin. Choosing the wrong color will make the blemishes more shouting, which ends up killing the general look. Concealers have to match the tone of your skin for a flawless look.

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The primers, foundation, and concealers should be of a standard color that plays a vital role in enhancing your skin tone.

2. Match the Color to That of the Dress

One of the best ways of choosing the appropriate bridal beauty is by basing everything on the dress. With that said, it is always good to be sure that you pick a dress whose color can be replicated in other features of the bridal look.

The makeup is among the aspects that have to be considered. If it cannot be matched, the colors have to complement one another. If you decide to go for a modern dress, your eyes and lips must demonstrate the same. You cannot go modern without using select colors for your eye shadow and lips.

If, on the other hand, you go for a romantic dress, be sure that light colors will work best for your lips and eyes. The complexion of your skin should in one way or the other match with the dress you don on that special occasion.

3. Incorporate Personal Tastes

Weddings are a one-time occasion that requires you to put all the effort into it. As you do all these, don’t make it too uncomfortable for you. Instead, focus more on incorporating individual finer details.

It is for a fact that there will be a lot of external pressure from the people around you on what you should wear for that day. However, much that different look that they talk of is necessary; it should never come in the place of personal preferences.

After all, it is not that your look on other days is terrible. You can thus decide to use your everyday look to build and choose the right color. Everyone has a signature look that people identify them with. Stick to it for as long as it is the right thing, and you are comfortable with it.

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4. The Venue of the Wedding Matters Too

Every other wedding has a venue where it is to take place. For everything to flow smoothly, there is a need to ensure that the color you pick matches the theme of the venue. The location will have a lot of significance as well as influence your overall makeup.

Weddings held behind closed doors have different themes and makeup colors from those held in open spaces such as the beach. Public spaces require a more natural experience, which allows you to express your natural complexion. Dramatic colors will, on the other hand, dominate if it is a formal wedding.

5. Have a Trial Session That Is Similar to the Wedding

It is on very rare occasions that wedding makeup looks will be similar to those of normal days. You will thus need a second person to do it for you. Choosing such persons should be a long process that should include long spells of studying their levels of professionalism.

These are the same people that will guide you on the products that will work best for your skin tone. Acquiring them is not enough to escape a dramatic look during the big day. You will have to schedule a trial session long before the actual day.

Let the person who will handle the makeup on the day do it for you. However, do not put on the specific dress meant for the special day. Instead, choose another garment that matches the color and may be the design of the wedding dress.

However, be sure that the makeup products you are using for the trial are the same that you will use on the wedding day. With the trial phase, it will be possible for you to identify colors that work for you and make changes where necessary.

Colors alone are not enough to guarantee perfect makeup and a colorful wedding. Invest in the right products and tools for applying makeup. Do not concentrate much on makeup and forget other aspects of the wedding, such as dressing, among other logistics.

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