Business: 5 Ways to Project an Image of Success in Business


Entrepreneurs are often driven by the desire for wealth, power, and respect, but all of this takes time to become a reality. Very few people are overnight successes, and persuading people to take notice of you can be a stumbling block when you are lacking in experience and/or confidence. When you are struggling to make your vision a reality, but you have the motivation and the determination, sometimes it is about faking it until you make it. Whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or have been in business for some time, here are five ways to project an image of success and open more doors:

  • Fake it

It may be a cliché, but faking confidence does work. While our mind is theoretically in control of our behavior, it is possible to reverse the relationship. Rather than waiting until we feel confident, taking the lead and acting confident and adopting different patterns of behavior can make us feel differently. Smile when you are feeling worried. Approach others when you are feeling insecure. State your opinions with conviction. Ignore those voices in your head telling you that you’re not good enough, because they are not true. Soon enough, it will all come naturally to you and others will perceive you as a confident person. 

  • Look the part

Rightly or wrongly, we are judged on the way we look, the equipment we use, the premises we work out of, and even the car we drive. This does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money on the fanciest clothes or premises you cannot afford, but you might be able to make some low-cost changes to how you present yourself. A few key changes to your wardrobe, some personal grooming, and a new haircut could make all the difference. Visit a southern California Alfa Romeo dealer for a used car which looks like new. Hire a pay-as-you-go meeting room space to meet with clients rather than inviting them to your home or a coffee shop. 

  • Ask for support when you need it
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A lot of people think that asking for help or support is a sign of weakness, but they could not be more wrong. The most intelligent business people know that they are not superheroes; they cannot excel at everything and their business needs a range of skillsets to succeed. If you need help with a particular aspect of your business, ask for it. If you are struggling to cope with your workload, outsource tasks or employ someone to take some of the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on your strengths. 

  • Choose your company wisely

We are herd animals and will pick up the habits and attitudes of those around us. Therefore, it is important that entrepreneurs spend time with people who challenge your skills, deepen your knowledge and radiate positivity. Consider attending networking events with likeminded entrepreneurs and minimize time spent with people who leave you feeling demotivated or insecure. 

  • Be a risk-taker 

The best entrepreneurs are risk-takers who take the right risks at the right time. This does not mean taking an ill-advised leap into the unknown, but rather starting by choosing some small risks with limited downsides. Over time you can gradually increase the level of risk you are comfortable with. The greater the risk, the greater the potential pay-off.

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