7 Tips for Growing Longer Hair Fast

Growing Longer Hair Fast

Long beautiful hair is always a beautiful feeling and one easily falls in love with long hair. But growing hair is a difficult task because it takes a lot of care and maintenance to grow good length and volume of hair. These days we make ourselves available to the best hair growing cream because of which many bloggers have also listed the best hair growing cream in 2020. But they do not realize that somehow or the other there are some side effects of this hair growing creams so they are not much recommendable, instead one must follow the natural hair therapy to grow more hair. 

Anyone who grows longer hairs waits for perfect locks and to get one like that one must take some extra care of the hair to develop such a lock. One should be extra careful with hair like you are with your face or skin because hair is equally important as much as the skin. Protect your hair from all harmful objects that could possibly harm your hair. We can recommend you with 7 tips for growing long hair without using the best hair cream 2020.  

Hair Vitamins

If you want you can take hair vitamin supplements, then you can take biotin which is a vitamin B family supplement. Women have made note that biotin give a faster growth of hair not only that some women have also found hair growth on the face near the beard area in a very high dose of biotin is consumed daily then such growth is possible.  


If your hair lacks vitamin D consumption then that could be the biggest reason for hair loss. So make sure that your hair gets sunshine regularly because that will help in enhancing the growth of the hair. Vitamin D or heat is essential to create new follicles in for new hair growth. 

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Stress can affect your hair majorly, you have to start relaxing because hair growth can be affected if you are into too much stress. You must do some yoga which can reduce your level of tension, meditation projects new hair and growth of hair rapidly. 

Avoid Blowers

One must avoid blowers, straighteners, and curlers because they cause immense damage to hair. Sunshine is necessary for hair which does not mean blowers or any such heating metals could be used in hair. They burn your hair, hence they are absolutely not good for your hair. One must avoid drying or straightening hair as it can take the life of your hair majorly. If you at all need to use them then reduce the heat to the minimum supply and use them because at least that will keep your hair safe from damage. 

Less Wash

Washing hair, of course, gives a cleaner feel but you must know that excessive washing takes away the moisture of your hair or want is said to be the essential oil of the hair which is secreted naturally in the scalp. Shampooing in hair must be reduced up to at least 3-4 times in a week because extra wash carries away the natural vitamins of the hair leaving your scalp dry.  

Use Cold Water

Keep in mind heat is harmful, even hot water is harmful, one must not use hot water in hair because that can hurt your scalp. You must condition your hair every time you do shampoo or in fact every time you wash your hair, you must do conditioning. The cold water helps to seal your hair from damages and actually prevents damage. 

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UV Protection 

Sunshine is essential but that does not mean that you will expose your hair to UV rays. UV rays are very harmful to your hair and their growth. Protect your hair from UV rays like you protect your face or skin from UV rays because they are cancerous. You might be thinking that hairs are dead cell but even if they are dead they require nourishment to make you look good. You must always try to wear hats or scarves to protect your hair from UV rays. 

The above-mentioned pointers are the steps to keep long hair and maintain long hair and take care of hair. But the unsaid tip is to take care of hair internally which means by consuming the best food. Consume vitamin B and vitamin E regularly with your daily food routine so that they complement the lack of vitamins in your daily food habits.  If you want to customize your grocery list then you can add biotin capsules, eggs, nuts, leafy vegetables, avocado, salmon, etc. Irin deficiency can also cause hair fall, so consider having meat and iron-rich food. 


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