Airpods not charging? Here’s how you can fix it.

Airpods charging issue

How to fix Airpods charging issue

Airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple. They were first released on 13 December 2016 and are sold with Premium Airport Pro. In addition to playing audio, the Airpods have a built-in microphone that filters background noise that allows making phone calls and talking to Apple’s digital assistant Seri.

Additionally, the built-in accelerometer and optical sensor app and in-ear placement can detect, which enables automatic pause when ejected.

Ways to fix your Airpods Charging Issue

The beginning of the Airpods has completely changed the way we use our headphones. Deep annoying Buyers provide experience compared to Air phones, and here are some reasons you should own your pair.

  • Bluetooth pairing is more natural

Bluetooth pairing is more natural

Unlike headphones, it’s easy were pairing them with your phone via Bluetooth is a hassle, and Apple has found a way to fix bluetooth pairing problems pain free. The Airpods has a w1 chip that has some power efficiency and connectivity capabilities that boost connectivity with devices. A simple button at the AirPods works full of magic and adds the exciting fact that tying it to your iPhone is for all your other supported Apple devices.

  • Have a better experience

The new AirPods is built with advanced facilities that help users deliver a fantastic experience. Although they are Apple products, they are compatible with other Android devices. Microtechnology combines more quiet features like dual optical sensors and smaller batteries to give a final technical experience. For example, plugging the AirPods into your ears will turn on the sensor, which automatically connects them to your device.

  • You don’t need to take out of your phone

A significant advantage of the AirPods being its pair is that it is smart enough to do some of the tasks required on its phone as long as you have airports in your ears.  You are one tap away from Seri, which means you can do even more with your phone in your pocket. You do not need to take a call every time you check the weather or remove your phone to reduce the volume.

  • Have five hours of battery life

battery life

The 5-hour battery time is quite reasonable, given the fact that it also serves as an airport charger and can charge up to 24 hours. This is not even a bad thing because the case is that you probably remember to work when cleaning your home with very few examples. Long-distance travel, such as 5 hours of charging time, may take longer. In your case, it only takes 15 minutes to charge the AirPods for your benefit.

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The Disadvantage Of Airpods

  • Ease of being lost

Even with the release of firmware that allows users to locate their lost AirPods.  It is still effortless to forget the airport to ring them through the Find My iPhone app. After all, if you are far away, you cannot hear them ringing. If you are not organized and forget about your luggage at places like coffee shops or restaurants, you are more likely to lose your airport, especially when their size doesn’t make it easy to support them right away.

  • Construction and design of fees

Many users have complained that airports break easily because of the way they are designed. In their case, the simple task of removing them and placing them in the ear and vice versa is a significant risk. If you leave them in the process, you can say goodbye to your AirPods because they will break more often.

  • Is a bit expensive

bit expensive

The US $159 Airpods is not the most expensive wireless Bluetooth Air device in the market. Although they are certainly not the cheapest.  Ownership of the AirPods is not required, and some of its prices may be closed to users. Such uses also make us feel that under such an attractive design, $ 160 is too much. They do not want to pay for anything that can be broken by just one drop.

What to do when the airport is not charged?

Airports have so much easy to charge that Apple calls them magical. You pop them in their inclusion case, which carries many charges, and that is it. However, now and then, you have to face the issues of not charging the AirPods. So when we do not charge the AirPods, we see some straight and easy fixes.

  • Check your connection

Make sure the lighting to USB cable is firmly plugged into the charging case and USB power adapter. Then make sure the power adapter is plugged into the power outlet correctly. If you are using a compatible charger, make sure that only one is firmly plugged into the charger, and the other noise is plugged into the power outlet correctly.

  • Charge your AirPods

Charge your AirPods

Keep your AirPods charging in and close the lid. Charge your airport and case for at least 15 minutes using only the one that came with your airport. If you have a wireless charging case and are using a compatible charger, then place the case in front of the status light.  

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The status light should be turned on for several seconds, then turn off when necessary to charge. If the light does not turn on, cancel the case. If your claim is still not being charged, later try charging with the cable that came with your case.

  • Ensure that the AirPods case is charged

Sometimes we put the AirPods in this case without realizing that there is no charge in the case itself. So the first step is to make sure that you are charged at the airport case.

  • Check out the case light while adding to the airport

When you put the airport back in the case, the light slowly shows once. Confirms that the AirPods has started charging.  If the light does not show up slowly, take the airport out and place it again. If this still does not happen, try the next step.

  • Wipe Airport Charging Connector

Wipe Airport Charging Connector

Airpods users use this method almost daily. During regular use, personal experience says that silver charging connectors collect oil, etc. On it. When the matter is put in the AirPods, the charging confirmation light does not flash. For this, the tip of the airport has to be gently clean on that cloth and then put it inside the case. The light shines, and charging starts. We cannot pledge that it will work for you but 100% for some.

  • Blow air in AirPods case

The airport case quickly becomes dirty.  Dirt can also go inside the narrow tube where the charging pins lie. Airflow inside them can help some. Make sure you do not accidentally pick up too much moisture in it.

  • Reset the Airpods

Finally, if nothing works, then resetting the AirPods can be helpful.


Take a bit more care of your favourite Airpods. They are made by Apple, so a bit more care would make them last many years.






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