All That You Need To Know About Customizing MLM System Software

MLM software

MLM refers to Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing. It is an affiliate marketing tool that uses a network or a chain of agents and distributors to sell the products in the market. Instead of using the regular method of hiring employees, this model uses independent agents to take the product wider into the market. 

Used by famous brands such as Amway, Tupperware, and many more, the Multi-Level Marketing model is famous in many parts of the world. Tracking the agents, sales, payouts, commissions, and referrals are done using different software known as MLM software. This software solution has been created to cater to business enterprises that follow network marketing or MLM marketing. 

While the basic MLM software suits many enterprises, it still requires to be customized to meet the specifications of each enterprise. Companies that provide the MLM software also offer customization services to ensure that the software suits the business model of the enterprise and can be used effectively. 

After a series of meetings with the enterprise, the developers will work on customizing and updating the software. The software will then be launched and installed into the existing systems of the enterprise. From providing continuous technical support to training the employees to work with the new software, the company ensures that the software is serving the purpose it has been created for. 

The best thing about MLM System Software is that it is highly flexible and extensible. Just about everything can be customized. Changing colors and themes, adding new plans, duplicating websites, and integrating other software solutions can be easily done.

The advantages of MLM software:

  • The software can be used by any enterprise that follows the network marketing business model. From start-up to a multi-national organization, the software is extensible to suit varying business volume. 
  • There are many compensation plans available for enterprises to choose from. In fact, enterprises can also create a custom compensation plan for their business. The following are some of the MLM plans used by enterprises. 
    • Binary Plan
    • Matrix Plan
    • Board Plan
    • Australian Binary Plan 
    • Gift Plan 
    • Generation Plan 
    • Uni-level Plan 
  • The software allows an enterprise to effectively keep track of the sales, profits, and commissions. Making payments is easy by integrating various e-commerce tools with the software. 
  • Every small detail is stored and backed up by the software. This keeps the data safe for future references and allows enterprises to maintain a detailed record of each transaction. 
  • The software is highly safe and secure. Information can be accessed only by those with authorized access. 
  • Making inventory is simple, uncomplicated, and flexible using MLM System Software. It saves the time taken to manually keep a record of everything. 
  • Updating the latest product information using the software takes very little time. Enterprises can share the updated information with the audience and customers soon after a change has been made. 
  • The software can be integrated with various third-party solutions. They seamlessly work together to provide an enterprise with perfect software to manage the business. 
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The features of MLM software:

  • The software has an in-built E-Wallet system that allows enterprises to accept and make payments through the website. Money can be stored electronically in the wallets and payments can be made when required. 
  • The software comes with an e-voucher generator that generates receipts for transactions that have been made through the website. A copy of it is automatically stored in the back end. 
  • The software is highly responsive and can be accessed through any device. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. can be used to open the website. The screen automatically fits the size of the device screen so that no information is lost. 
  • The software uses a secure authentic system to verify the logins. A two-step authentication process can be used for additional security. 
  • The auto-responder replies to emails automatically. Sending promotional emails, replying to emails with standard messages, etc. can be set using this feature. 
  • SMS integration feature allows enterprises to send national and local SMS messages to agents and customers through the software. 
  • The payment processing feature can be set to manual or automatic. This system handles payment gateway integration, payment processing, and sending the money to the bank account linked to the software. 
  • The multicurrency system makes it easier for customers from other countries to check the prices in their national currency and make payments using the same. 
  • The multilingual feature allows customers to read the website in their native language. 

Enterprises can contact the companies to know more about customization, pricing, and other packages. Enterprises can also host the software on the cloud by using the hosting services provided by the company.

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