Can I Watch Movies Online for Free? – Watching Movies Online Legal or Illegal

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According to the advice by the legal experts, any service that is offering free movie streaming, watching movies online no cost, or downloading movies for free is probably illegal. Moreover, streaming movies through the internet doesn’t count as illegal directly as per the laws in the UK, but it definitely goes against the copyright laws internationally.

To watch movies for free online from sources that are questionable can be dangerous and may expose you to risks related to cyber. So you may opt for legal streaming services like Microsoft, Youtube, and satellite/cable operators and sites like rainiertamayo (free of cost) which are now offering modestly priced movie streaming instead of illegal sites.

Can you get fined for Streaming Movies?

It’s hard to get prosecuted for illegal streaming or downloading. It’s too widespread for these copyright owners or organizations to track them down in practicality. However, theoretically, one can get prosecuted for illegal movie streaming or if one watches movie online free of cost i.e. illegally.

The UK Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), focussed on shutting down the sites allowing illegal downloads, represents the copyright owner’s interests, cinema owners as well as legal streaming services like Spotify, prosecuting these illegal operators, and distributors.

In 2012, a man was found guilty and was sentenced to four years’ in prison for operating an illegal site (named on 2 counts of conspiracy to defraud. Moreover, he had to either repay £71,000 appx. to the copyright owners or stay further 21 months in the prison.

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How to Watch Free Movies Online?

Have you heard of online free movie sites such as or/and offering all of the latest movies for free that too in HD? You have heard it all wrong since these websites aren’t legal and hence, you might expose yourself to the risks online.

Precautions While Using Illegal Movie Streaming Sites

  1. Install an Adblocker.
  2. Keep your antivirus software updated.
  3. Don’t opt for downloading anything from the free movie streaming websites.

Few Ways for Watching free Movies Online Safely

  1. BBC iPlayer – For this, register on the site, and that’s it. It is a legal/safe to watch online as long as you have a TV license.
  2. Youtube or Dailymotion – Full movies that are uploaded onto these may be illegal, but one can watch a full movie on Youtube being on the safer side.

The Best Cheap Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Below are some ways for you to watch movies online safely and legally (for a cheaper cost but not for free).

  • Netflix: Although it costs, £5.99 per month considering unlimited watch time makes it a reliable choice. And you can get cancel anytime policy and hence you can cancel at any time and not get paid afterward.
  • Starting with £2.49, you are able to rent movies on Google and Microsoft stores. And you can buy the movie afterward only to watch again if you want.
  • You can also utilize a search engine such as https://www.findanyfilm.comwhich allows you to find places where you can watch movies legally. Ensure to go for the RENT option, and don’t go for the BUY option if you don’t want to purchase and hence, you will pay only £2.49 for renting instead of £9.99.
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Piracy is a Crime. We are all aware that services such as Netflix aren’t free, and we try helping people to save money, but we don’t recommend any famous free movie streaming sites which are illegal. So, make your choices accordingly.

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