How to connect Canon Printer to Iphone:

How to connect Canon Printer to Iphone:

Apple has developed numerous applications to print from an Iphone that are compatible with the canon printer with the help of These applications are namely Airprint and Google Drive Print. Also another important tool that will be able to print from the Iphone is the Canon app that can be downloaded from the ITunes to print from the Iphone.

User guide for Iphone Printing through Canon Printer:

Ensure the wireless network is connected to the canon printer. Ensure the Iphone and canon printer are connected to the same wifi network. Open the ITunes and download the Canon printing app. Choose the document you want to print. Click on the print preview button to check the document specifications. Once this is done click on the print option to print the document.

The printer can be added by clicking on the system preferences then click on + sign to add the desired printer from the list. Choose the printer and scanner option. Now select the printer in the network.

The apple Airprint function can also be used this directly pairs with the canon printer through a passkey instead of a password. This enables the user to print from a remotely within the network. Click on the shared icon this sends the opened document to the printer now click on print so that the printer can print a hard copy of the document with the help of the

Connect your canon printer to the wireless network by using the WPS technique. Ensure that you have a WPS on your router and the printer both to connect both securely. Ensure adequate power supply is going to the printer hold the wifi button till the alarm light is on.

The user will notice the wifi button blinks blue in colour once it establishes the secure connection the alarm light will stay on till the print jobs are going on. The meaning of the light blinking in blue colour means it is searching for an accessible network.

Load enough paper in the printer input tray and print the network page to be able to check whether the network of the printer is established securely. Connect your printer to the same network and install the mobile printing app. This application promotes canon image class and canon image runner advance. This application prints the photos documents pdf files and other media files. Select a photo to print open it and click on print.

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Open the document click on share and then print this printer through the Airprint application directly to your canon printer. Canon easy photoprint is a free application that allows you to print from the Iphone and Ipad etc. This connects with Pixma and canon printers to print the documents. Download the Canon EPP app from the app store tap on the icon and begin the same.

Canon and Iphone:

Open the app on your iPhone from where you would like to print. Find two options share icon and print options open the document you want to print. Click on the option called share and then tap on print. Please specify the number of copies that need to be printed. After you have specified this Tap print option so that the printer can print the desired document or photo.

Please note due to advancement in technology all canon printers now come with Airprint compatibility so that Iphone users can print easily without any difficulty. Please tap the settings option in iphone, please check whether the wifi network box is ticked or not. Please ensure it is ticked so that it is connected to the printer. Once the connection is established you can print from your iphone. The same steps can be used to print from an Iphone.

Yes without an Airprint also you can print from an Iphone with the canon printer you can add the printer to the settings of the iphone under the system preferences. Please ensure both Iphone and wifi are connected to the same network. This will allow the user to print without any difficulty. The Mobile Printing app will help you in this.

There is a system generated message which says no Airprint printers are found this occurs when the Iphone or Ipad users are using an alternate application to print the documents and photos which is available in the app store other than the Airprint application.

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The Ipad recognises the printer once you tap on the settings. The other method is that turn off the wifi settings now please turns it back on again. This will help you to connect the IOS device to the printer and printer. Another interesting feature which Iphones offer is please connect Iphone Ipad and printer to the personal hotspot and print.

Airprint is not an app it is an inbuilt feature in the phones and mac device or Ipad. This enables the devices to print directly from any printer.

All canon printers are now compatible with the Iphone devices due to the advancement and growth in technology. This technology has made wireless printing easy and convenient for users.

Features of the Canon Printing app

  • Easily finds the printers in the network area
  • Prints images from your cell phone and other remote devices.
  • Scans directly from the iphone
  • Print from the application directly without worrying about the compatibility wih the printer.
  • Select all the photos, click on print now confirm print specify the number of copies that need to be printed. A maximum of 20 copies can be printed at a time.


All canon printers due to advancement of technology come with an Airprint feature which is enabled. This allows users to conveniently print from the Iphone device. Further the article talks about how we can setup the printer to the iphone for smooth and effective printing. You can also print from the camera once you capture the photo please open the photo and then confirm the settings and print.

All the strategies mentioned in this article will help you print from canon through iPhone or IOS device.

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