Different Types Of Water Purifiers And Their Usage

water purifiers

Water impurity and scarcity is one of those emerging problems in the world that needs to be resolved immediately. There are steps that could be taken on an international level, but one should take measures on the individual level also. To fight with the impurity that is present in the water these days, the installation of a water purifier is a must. Now, before installing a water purifier, one should know what is best. Here, we are going to discuss the same. We will talk about the different types of technology that has been used for water purification in detail.

If we talk about the number of techniques that could be used for water purification, then these are of 3 types. Now, here is the list and all the facts related to them.

· Distillation

The first category of water purifiers  is the one which uses distillation as the method of purification. Now, this is the technique that could be found in the water purifiers that are basic in nature. These purifiers do not need electricity to work. They purify the water using this particular method. The problem with this purifier is that its work rate is lower in comparison to the purifiers that are new and advanced. However, it is a cost-effective purifier. Few of its advantages are as follows.

  • You do not need to worry about electricity if using this purifier. There is no use of electricity for its working
  • It removes the dust, dirt and other impurities of water, poured in it. This is even effective when it comes to eliminating the residual chemical
  • This purifier is also capable of removing parasites and pesticides from the water.
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· Reverse Osmosis

After distillation, the water purification technique that is found in most of the water purifiers is reverse osmosis. Well, the reverse osmosis technique is also known as RO, commonly. It is considered as one of the most effective methods of water purification in today’s time. In this method, the water enters the machine through a selectively permeable membrane. This selective membrane knows about the purities and impurities. Thus, it separates the impurities from water and makes a way to pass. However, the purifier needs to be protected from active carbon filters, as the treatment of chlorine is not suitable for it. If you are installing an RO service at your house, it is going to last for at least 6 to 8 years. Here are some of the advantages of these types of water purifiers.

  • If the water that you are getting for your use is hard, then this is the best purifier that can treat it and remove all the impurities
  • This technique can remove substances like mercury, arsenic, chlorine, etc. from any water
  • Not just the normal water that we get in our taps, but this can purify the water of lakes and rivers too. A substance called Cryptosporidium is found in the water of these water bodies, and RO purifiers are the best to separate it from the water. If it does not work correctly, you could contact an RO service centre.

UV Based Water Purification

The last but most efficient method of water purification is UV protection. We all know the harmful effects of Ultra Violet rays. Be it human beings, plants, land, or water; it is not suitable for any of them. UV based water purification system is not just a right and systematic way of purifying water, but it also is very cost-effective. The best part about this water purification system is that it does not leave behind any impurity in the water and not even change the properties that the water contains. The technique, as its name suggests, is very environment-friendly and it produces the least waste products after purification. Along with all the good things that this UV based water purifier has, it consumes the least electricity, to execute the purification process. Here is a list of advantages of this water purifier. It is recommended to hire professional RO services whether you are already living in a house or moving to a new house.

  • This water purification technique does not use any chemical for the execution of the purification process. Thus, the water you drink is completely safe
  • The micro-organisms that can cause diseases are killed by this technique very easily, hence makes the water 100% pure
  • This is a cost-effective and low maintenance water purifier
  • You do not need to worry about electricity usage, as this uses the least electricity for its functioning.
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So, these were the three types of water purifiers, their usages, and importance. The points that are mentioned here will help the readers in deciding as of which one is suitable for them. The points also tell that how important it is to install a water purifier.

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