How is AI (Artificial Intelligence) Changing the Digital Marketing Game?

Digital Marketing Game

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a technology that enables computers to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. We all use AI in our daily lives without even knowing. For instance, we use smart assistants like Siri or Alexa which are based on AI technology. Similarly, we never see spam emails smashing our inboxes anymore. They are automatically filtered by our email applications, thanks to artificial intelligence. Whenever we open streaming apps like Netflix, we see recommendations about shows that match our watchlist. Again, all because of artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing Game. 

With all this being said, another major contribution of AI is seen in the world of digital marketing. Over the past few years, artificial intelligence is bringing massive changes in digital marketing by delivering exceptional results. According to the latest statistics, almost 40% of businesses use artificial intelligence to provide a better customer experience. 48% of marketers think that chatbots and other mobile technologies caused the most significant difference in how their customers and prospects interact with them. Last, but not least, 85% of customer service interactions in 2020 included chatbots. 

While there are still uncertainties about whether AI is the best option for digital marketing, marketers are leveraging this technology for the benefit of their business. Let us see how AI is changing the digital marketing game. 

#1 Enhanced User Experience 

User experience is one of the main concerns of marketers these days. It helps in building an image of the brand by putting a positive impact on the customers. It makes them feel valued and allows them to use your website or mobile app for a long time. Here are a few ways how AI helps in enhancing the user experience: 

  • Personalised User Experience: AI allows website managers to track user behaviours and patterns. Then, the website managers can use this information in providing product recommendations or customised content to the users. AI can also track if a user is struggling somewhere on the website and can provide them with personalised solutions on the spot. 
  • Smart Content: AI can help in providing smart content to users based on their interests. AI can help in determining the blogs a user reads or the websites they visit often. Then, based on this information, website managers or digital marketers can write personalised emails for every user. After all, who would not like reading relevant emails that seem to be meant only for them? 
  • 24/7 Assistance: AI can help in providing round the clock assistance to the customers. For instance, website managers can use AI to help answer basic customer queries at any time. This would not only help the customers but also the staff members who can now concentrate on more complex things. 
  • Customer Support: Chatbots are the perfect example of AI integrated customer support. Also, many websites now use voice assistants for customer support. When a customer calls the support, the voice assistant tries to solve their issue. If they are unable to do so, they connect the customer to technical support. 
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#2 Optimised Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the most effective and popular digital marketing strategies that work even today. No matter how better the technology is today, people still read emails and thanks to AI, digital marketers have found ways to attract and intrigue people towards their brand. Let us see how. 

  • Better subject lines: The subject line of an email is the game changer as it decides whether a person will open the email or not. Digital marketers have now started using AI to generate subject lines that will attract a higher click-through rate. AI technology analyses the results of each email marketing campaign to decide which subject lines were useful and hence provides suggestions on that basis. 
  • Personalised emails: Personalisation is the main factor in the success of email marketing campaigns. In fact, most people now expect an email to be personalised for them. So if you are still addressing them as “dear business owner” or “dear customer”, you are quite behind in the game. 
  • Optimal email timings: AI can help in determining the optimal time to send emails. It collects data like the percentage of emails that are opened during a particular time of the day, percentage of clicks on an email, the type of business you have and so on. 

#3 Successful Content Marketing 

Content plays a crucial role in the success of every online business. You must create the right content that targets the right audience and helps you increase your sales. AI can be very useful in creating and implementing the best content marketing strategies for a business. Let us check how. 

  • Analysing competitors: It is important to keep an eye on your competitors and understand what they are doing. With AI technology, you can perform a competitive analysis and check where you stand in the competition based on how your competitors are performing in PR, social media, content marketing etc. 
  • Creating content strategy: AI can help you find the most relevant topics and keywords for your business. It can also help you in creating top-notch content for your brand, manage SEO, track the traffic on your website, and synthesise massive amounts of customer data. 
  • Content optimisation: AI can keep your content fresh and exciting. It can help rewrite the key phrases of your content. It can determine what interests your audience so that you can create content accordingly. It can also give you feedback regarding SEO by analysing your content.  
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#4 Innovative Advertising 

Advertising is another aspect of digital marketing that can help promote a business to wide demographics of the audience. With AI, digital marketers are able to create smart advertisements and establish a significant lead over their competitors. Here are some ways organisations can use AI in digital advertising. 

  • Segmenting audiences: With AI, digital marketers can segregate their audiences based on their interests and preferences. It considers information like online behaviour, demographics, previous shopping patterns and so on to divide audiences into different marketing groups. 
  • Personal recommendations: As discussed above, AI can make predictions about what a user would like based on their past behaviours. Let us consider Netflix ads as an example. Netflix kind of already “knows” what a user is going to watch or want to watch. This is because Netflix’s AI tools analyse a user’s surfing pattern. They even consider whether you watched a movie at a fast forward pace. 
  • Finding leads: Marketers face a big challenge in finding the right audience for their online business. But, with AI they will be able to analyse how to find their ideal customer. Not only this, AI will make it possible for marketers to understand where each of their leads is on their customer journey so that they apply appropriate tactics to advertise their products and formulate specific sales pitches. 

Wrapping up 

Artificial intelligence is leaving its footprints in almost every facet of digital marketing game. All marketing experts are speculating how they can use AI with consumer intent, influencer marketing, advertising, content marketing and so on. The grounds are just getting prepared and in no time every other digital marketing expert will be relying on AI for the betterment of their online business. Looking at the ways how AI is changing the digital marketing game, there is no doubt that AI can help online marketers grow their brands, meet the expectations of the customers and beat the competition. What do you think? Will you use AI in enhancing your digital marketing strategies? 

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