How Not To Break Childhood Dreams

Break Childhood Dreams

The birth of a child in a family is the brightest and most joyful event in the life of almost every parent. From very early childhood, he begins to dream, fantasize about who he will become when he grows up. All this is so wonderful. Keeping track of this is interesting and useful to all moms and dads. In this article, you will get to know how not to break childhood dreams.

Do you know how children dream?

Every child dreams a lot. And these fantasies are the brightest that happens in our lives. When we imagine ourselves in childhood as astronauts or movie stars, we do not accept the conditions. We believe that absolutely everything is possible, even flying on cardboard wings.

True childhood dreams are not limited by the physical laws, the salary of parents, kilometers of distance, the opinion of society, a critical attitude to one’s abilities and other rationalities.

It is the parents who trim the wings of the dream, carefully explaining why achieving is impossible. Parents say: “This is unrealistic,” “It doesn’t happen this way,” “We cannot,” “It will not work.”

And if such manipulation of a dream is repeated often, children grow up into adults who have forgotten how to dream. Their desires do not go beyond the boundaries that they have designated. “This is unrealistic” – a universal phrase for combing any dream…

Do not tell your child “Unrealistic” or “We cannot afford it.” Say at least: “We can’t afford it yet, but we’ll come up with something” Or rather, consider: “How can I get this? Under what conditions? What can be done for this? ”

A dream is the engine of progress. If everyone believed that flying is unrealistic, then there would be no planes now … Dream with your child, listen carefully and support his dreams. Draw a dream. Make a dream collage. Start dreaming yourself as in childhood – limitlessly. Open the “portal” to the world of opportunities, just remembering your childhood dreams. Maybe it’s time to realize some childhood dream. You will make a gift to your inner child, and he will give you a powerful resource.

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It`s not about pipe dreams and living in illusions. It`s about a dream – as a call to action. About healthy ambitions and self-confidence. About the ability to convert dreams into intentions, about developing a strategy, about setting goals. This is what one should learn from childhood – ask yourself questions: “How can I get this? What can I do for this? What will I do tomorrow for this”

How to distinguish between empty illusions and dreams? A dream must be transformed into an action plan. Without concrete daily steps towards a dream – it’s just pipe dreams.

It is imperative to take responsibility for the dream. In order not to expect that someday circumstances will turn out in the best way. People, who take responsibility for the result tend to ask questions: “What have I done today for my purpose? And what resources do I need? What abilities do I need to develop? “

Where are the borders of dreams? In our abilities and resources. Abilities can be developed. Resources can be attracted. If it turned out to shift the dream to an action plan, then everything is real.

If the child says that he wants a talking dog, I will not say “impossible”

I will answer that there is no such breed yet. “But maybe you will come up with something later?” And then it depends on the degree of interest and the age of the child. You can read about dog breeds, you can talk about the development of scientists. Who knows, the child will forget about this idea, or in thirty years he will invent sensors for the dog and a device that will broadcast instead of growling, “get away, or I’ll bite”.

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As a child, I dreamed of a doll that eats for real. Modern girls have “baby booms” that eat and shake. And I also dreamed that on the phone you could not only hear but also see. And call not only from home but generally from anywhere in the world. Then it also seemed unrealistic. Now there is the internet, skype, tablets. Dreams Come True. Because someone did not just dream, but also did.

If a child suddenly tells you that he wants to become president, do not say “unrealistic”. No parent can know in advance the developmental limit of their child and simply have no right to decide for him “you can do this, but this you cannot”. Can the child or not is only the decision of the child. And the parent can support: “Let’s read the biography of the presidents, try to understand what character traits helped them achieve this”

Do not cut off the dreams of the child, based on your subjective opinion and your own experience. But it is important to convey to the child that for the realization of a dream it is not enough just to dream, one must also act.

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