How to Live Longer With Heart Failure

Live Longer With Heart Failure

Heart failure is a health syndrome that has been on a rapid rise from the past few years. The death rate due to heart failure is increasing expediently. A patient who experiences heart failure may experience disbalance in overall health thereby hampering a happy lifestyle. The graph of patients diagnosed with heart failure is increasing by each passing year. Heart failure can affect anyone irrespective of age and gender but symptoms experienced by patients are entirely different and so does their treatments. Many people get confused with the symptoms of heart failure and consider it as the signs of aging or age-related issues. Seek medical attention immediately as soon as you start observing any symptoms of heart failure without any negligence, else it may even cause you a life. Your healthcare professional will diagnose the accurate cause of heart failure and would suggest the right treatment to combat the issue completely.  

With the advancements in medical science, various medicines and treatments are designed that helps in managing heart failure while allowing a person to live longer and lead a healthy and active life. Chronic heart failure conditions require immediate attention whereas acute heart failure symptoms subside with time. Heart failure is a word itself that makes the person think it’s the end of their happiness and life.  It’s not the end of the beautiful life you are gifted with. People diagnosed with heart failure can even live a longer life while creating a happy momentum. Accurate diagnosis of the condition as soon as a patient starts experiencing heart failure symptoms is a must. Your doctor will identify whether you are experiencing acute heart failure symptoms or you are having chronic heart failure and would suggest the treatment accordingly. Blood tests, tracings, scans of the heart are some of the physical examinations your doctor will ask to undergo to diagnose the symptoms of heart failure. Apart from medical treatments suggested by doctors following certain eating habits and altering lifestyle habits helps a person to live longer with heart failure and provide wellness. 

In this article, we will share a few tips that help you to manage heart failure symptoms and live a longer and an active life.

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Do not consume an excess of fluids in the daily diet 

Heart failure causes hindrance in the functioning of the kidney. As a result, it does not dispose of sodium and water properly which leads to a build-up of excess fluid which the body can not handle. This condition is known as fluid retention. Excess intake of fluids worsens the symptoms of heart failure thereby causing hindrance in day to day activities. It is advised by doctors to limit your intake of fluids and even solid foods that have a high level of water content. Do not consume more than 2 liters of liquid while experiencing heart failure symptoms. Limit your intake of tea, coffee, juice & foods such as watermelon, grapes, orange and so on to manage your heart failure symptoms and lead a happy and long life with heart failure. 

Cut off the salt 

Salt is the life of the food, but if you are experiencing heart failure symptoms it can prove to be hazardous to your health. Consumption of salt in such a condition leads to extra fluid build up in the body known as fluid retention which makes it difficult for a person to live with it. 

When there is excessive fluid in the body, the heart is unable to pump efficiently resulting in irregular heartbeats and even cause high blood pressure. Altering your dietary habits and cutting off the salt completely from your diet helps the patient to manage heart failure symptoms and live longer. Replacing salt with a variety of available herbs in the market is a great option that gives taste to your food and helps you in cutting off the salt from your daily diet.

A well-balanced diet resolves all puzzles

Following a healthy lifestyle and consuming a well-balanced diet helps in combating various ailments. Apart from this, it helps the person experiencing heart failure to lead a longer life. 

It is advised to reduce the intake of saturated fats and cholesterol which is responsible for causing plaque deposits to form in the heart arteries. It later results in heart attacks and makes the condition severe. To live longer with heart failure make healthy food choices. Eat at small intervals as it does not put much pressure on the heart while digesting smaller quantities of food. 

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Alter lifestyle habits

It is advised to quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption if you are experiencing any symptoms of heart failure. Excessive consumption of alcohol makes the condition worse if one is experiencing heart failure. It increases blood pressure which may put you at risk. Whereas smoking can lead to narrowing the arteries and plaque build-up. Altering certain lifestyle habits allows a person to live longer with heart failure. Certain habits can restrict the blood flow to the heart making it tough for heart muscles to pump blood. 

Practice light exercises

Consult your doctor and practice light exercise like walking, cycling, yoga, etc. to manage symptoms of heart failure and live longer. Cardiac rehabilitation may be suggested to you by your doctor after diagnosing your symptoms of heart failure.

Save your energy

Save your energy if you are experiencing symptoms of heart failure as you have a limited amount of energy. Prioritize activities and plan your day accordingly. Saving your energy helps you to live longer.

Support system

Share your experience with friends, family and mainly with your doctor. They will help you to make decisions and plans while sharing your burden. You may even meet people who are experiencing heart failure symptoms the same as you. Sharing your stories with each other and understanding the ways of managing heart failure will be of much help. Be honest about your experience with your team members to make them understand what you are going through.

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