How to Spoil Your Dog: 5 Safe and Fun Ways to Treat Your Pooch


It’s estimated that over 85 million families are pet owners, and 77 million of these pets are dogs. So, it’s clear that we’re a nation of animal lovers. Whether you have a puppy, a rescue dog, or a senior canine, keeping your pooch safe and healthy is key to them having a happy and fulfilled life.  If you like to spoil your dog with special treats and fun activities, and looking to give some extra TLC, here are five ways to safely spoil your dog.

Give Them a Doggy Massage

Many dogs love to be made a fuss of with lots of cuddles and hugs. So, what better way to show love than by giving your dog a massage? Not only will it help your dog relax and ease sore muscles, but you will also be performing some important training in the process. If you have a pup, regular massages will get them comfortable with being handled, meaning it will be far easier to trim their nails, brush their teeth, and groom them.

Make Some Homemade Treats

If you love being in the kitchen and whipping up tasty meals for you and your family, why not bake some homemade treats for your dog? Baking some biscuits and tailoring the recipe to your dog’s tastes is sure to keep your canine happy. If you aren’t sure what to make or would prefer someone else to do the hard work, there are dog subscription boxes at you can check out instead that are filled with healthy dog treats. 

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Purchase a Cozy Dog Bed

We’re all aware of how important a good night’s sleep is for our mind and body. So, your dog needs to have a space where they can relax and rest, helping to boost their development and keep them at their best. While many of us love to have our dogs on our bed as we sleep, there may come a time where you would prefer to have the bed all to yourself. Therefore, purchasing a cozy dog bed for your canine will mean they have a space they can go to in order to get some much-needed shuteye. 

Play Fun Activities

You will be hard-pressed to find a dog that doesn’t like going for walks. Regular exercise helps lower your dog’s blood pressure, build muscle, and retain healthy bones. There are tons of fun activities that you can join in with, such as playing frisbee, going for a walk around the neighborhood, or even heading out on a hike. If your dog is left to their own devices in the house, they can become restless and anxious. So, playing fun activities will keep them occupied and under control. 

Take Your Canine for a Swim

If you’re lucky enough to live by a river or the sea, why not head out on a trip with your dog for a swim? Breeds like Labrador Retrievers love nothing more than to be in the water. Make sure that you choose a safe body of water so your dog can jump in and have the time of their life. You can play fun games like fetch that will provide hours of fun.

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No matter the age, breed, or gender of your dog, showing your love and appreciation with any of the tips to spoil your dog will let your canine companion know how much you adore them.

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