Know How Brick and Mortar Stores Effect by Online Business

Know How Brick and Mortar Stores Effect by Online Business

Online sales represent 8-10% of total consumer spending. It is expected that this figure will skyrocket to an enormous amount of $ 6.7 trillion in 2020. The incredible statistics show the potential of virtual stores has in the future. Despite the growing awareness and technological advancement of consumers, the market share for e-commerce companies is currently low. This is because there are a lot of aspects in which physics still has an advantage. In addition, in recent years, e-commerce stores have given new competition to brick and mortar stores. However, there are many things that the online store can learn from physical stores. Listed below are some of the things that are must for e-commerce as suggested by SEO Services in Noida.

Focus on visual merchandising

All purchase intention starts with window purchases. Products stored in the window could motivate visitors to enter and explore the store. The same holds true for online shopping stores as well. A well designed and front-end design could attract customers. Even if the store is digital, a clean and clear interface can influence customers to navigate the site more. The visual attraction is the first thing that catches the attention of visitors. Therefore, the images of products with high resolution is a must. The graphic triggers should be able to capture the attention of visitors. The product description should be informative enough to be filled out by the salesperson. Seasonal influence is one of the outstanding ways in the crowd. The website design should be according to the occasion.

Customize the shopping experience

Know How Brick and Mortar Stores Effect by Online Business

E-commerce giants like Amazon have reaped results by including this aspect. Customize the customer shopping experience and help them relate to the services offered by you. This is what the sales pitch in any store is about. In fact, 85% of consumers believe that personalization plays a vital role in their purchase decision. Use the personal information of customers to improve their shopping experience. Online shoppers get distracted soon and the transaction is never really completed. Use your transaction history to send them to customize releases. For example, messages like ‘Get a 10% discount on this product in your cart’ can trigger buyers’ purchase intent.

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Leave to negotiate

Hitting the deal is the most intriguing factor for buyers while shopping online. It will not be wrong to say that the 10-20% discount coupon is usually taken for granted and can even be ignored. However, if the same discount will be well appreciated if the customers get a feeling of reaching an agreement. Offer gifts in an innovative way. Interactive pop-ups like spin and win or zero coupons can help you take advantage of this psychology of buyers.

Recreate the feeling in the store

Know How Brick and Mortar Stores Effect by Online Business

The biggest drawback of online stores is that they lack the tact and feel of the products. While at the beginning of this gap was difficult, with technological advances, this can be done now. Lenart is one of the best examples of it. The option of testing glasses without experimenting with them has given them a competitive advantage. Apart from the product images, the videos of the products can provide better clarity to the customers. Fast delivery of products is another important aspect that e-commerce companies need to learn from brick and mortar stores. Providing options such as one-day delivery and fast shipping options can improve the user experience.

Guide customers to the payment page

Who would like to stay in long lines? Organized sections and several counters in physical stores are directed to customers to drive to the conversion funnel. The same funnel should be followed by online stores too. Make sure your category pages are neat and well organized. Easy navigation along with filters should allow customers to find their products easily. Instead of making customers grope in the long registration process,  improve the registration with social media registration. The path from the product page to the payment gateway must be simple as well. A checkout page is the best way to motivate customers to complete the transaction.



From personalized marketing to discount sales, traditional retailers have many options to stimulate the growth of their businesses. Even e-retailers have a lot of tactics at their disposal to reduce the abandoned purchase and drive conversions. Little has just learned from conventional business models, along with advanced technology can help you take your e-commerce business to new heights.

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