Three new innovations that are changing people’s lives

life changing innovations

Three new Life Changing Innovations. Across the world, scientists and developers are constantly coming up with new products that we’ll want to buy. Many of them might just be slight improvements on a previous product, like a new iPhone or the new Xbox and PlayStation games consoles. Others might be completely brand-new inventions and ideas that have never even been considered before. Whilst some will make processes faster, easier, or even more reliable, others could completely change the lives of the user. Here are three new innovations that are having big effects on people’s lives across the globe:


Life Changing Innovations include Technically products Cannabidiol are not brand new. Many people have been using the ingredient from the hemp plant for many years. The thing that has changed in recent years is the popularity of the product. If you described this product to someone only a few years ago, they would have probably got the wrong impression. Nowadays CBD products are used by a wide range of age groups, with different people reporting different benefits. These products do not cause a ‘high’ sensation. In fact, those available on are rigorously lab tested, organically grown, vegan friendly and gluten free. 

Whilst there is not one sole illness or ailment that the product is proven to cure one hundred percent of the time, people around the world say using the products gives them a number of benefits. This could be anything from relieving physical pain, emotional pain or even just increasing their well-being when taken as part of their daily routine. As well as oil, the same ingredients are available in capsules, creams and even body butter. 

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Bike safety equipment

Traditionally, the best equipment only tried to prevent an accident. Flashing lights and glow in the dark jackets made you stand out in the dark in the hope that any oncoming cars would spot you and give you the room you need to continue safely on the road. A helmet has always been worn to protect your skull and your brain from any serious injury if the worst-case scenario were to happen. Now in 2020, there are products that can help reduce the impact of any collision across your whole body. Products like smart bike jackets can now sense when you’re having a collision and deploy several air bags around the body to help soften the blow when you land on the floor. This technology is said to have saved the lives of many car drivers and passengers over the years. Now it has been developed into a jacket, it is likely to save many more.

Renewable energy

Many people might think energy wouldn’t have a big impact on our lives. When we plug something into an outlet, we never see the electricity coming through the cable. What we are seeing, smelling and consuming though is a lot of polluted air caused by the manufacturing of energy. It’s also caused by traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. That’s why the invention of greener cars, buses and even lorries is having a huge effect on people’s lives. Hopefully soon these will be common enough on our roads to reverse the pollution in many of our city centers across the world.

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