Online Banking App: How to use it for secure money transfers?

secure money transfers

The demand for digital banking services is growing, with most customers turning towards mobile banking. Banks and financial institutions are able to adapt to this shift to digital services through feature-rich mobile apps. The latest smartphone technology and banking apps help the users have a personalized experience through quick bank money transfers, bill payments, and balance checks.

Most banking services, which were not easily available earlier, can be easily availed of on the app without going to a bank. It helps save a lot of time and money. IDFC FIRST Bank offers one of the best mobile banking apps with the most secure money transfer system for its customers, who value it more among other features like managing money, linking bank accounts, and regulating expenses.

With the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app, the user can check account balances, get notifications, transfer funds, and carry out other money transactions round the clock. The unique bank app offers several money transfer options to help the customers shop online and pay using any of the digital payment methods.

Why are secure online payment systems vital today?

People today search for desirable products and read their reviews before buying them online. If a website is not engaging and safe, they may move to another website searching for their desired product. A secure and sophisticated payment system, with encryption and authentication, is essential to safeguard customer-sensitive data.

Most e-commerce websites allow you to conduct money transfers on your mobile and make payments using a banking app. The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app ensures safe and secured shopping through different payment systems such as:

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Payment through UPI

The online bank account app from IDFC FIRST Bank helps you make payments instantly in the most secure way using the UPI payment method You can transfer money to anyone using the feature ‘Pay by UPI’ on the payment page. All you need to do is to choose the virtual address or scan the QRC code and pay easily. It is safe, secure, and easy for older people to access and pay.

You can make UPI transactions in a simple way. The Bharat QR facility on the IDFC FIRST Bank app is a safe and secured way of online payment method. You can scan & pay the bills using the QR code through a quick method. The Bharat QR code is two-dimensional barcode information through which you can make payments to the merchant through your card.

The IDFC Bharat QR Code payments accept payments made via RuPay, VISA, American Express, and Master cards issued by any bank.

You can use this facility by launching the IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking App on your mobile phone and using the latest version of the mobile app. Select the ‘SCAN AND PAY’ option on the log-in page and tap it to switch on the camera on your mobile. Hold the camera in front of the Bharat QR code, and scan and pay instantly.

Payment using Easy Buy Card

IDFC FIRST Bank also offers its customers a cardless EMI option to purchase online. The customers can buy anything online or offline and use Easy Buy Card to make payments. This facility helps the customers to pay through the cardless EMI option. To use this facility, select the product you wish to buy on the merchant websites affiliated with IDFC FIRST Bank, select the Cardless EMI option and complete it by entering the OTP received on your mobile phone

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The IDFC FIRST Bank banking app allows you to pay on any e-commerce website using the safest options like NEFT and IMPS for seamless online payments.

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