Six keys to feel good

keys to feel good

To feel good at all levels, it is not enough to eat properly and take care of our bodies through exercise. Your emotional state , your relationships with others, your work, the environment in which you live, moments of leisure … All this is also important, and above all it is essential that there is a harmonious relationship between the various areas of our lives. Let’s see six keys to feel good.

  1. Emotional balance

Do you feel anger easily? Do you often feel on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Do you sometimes feel that you cannot cope with everything, that you are not able to face everything that lies ahead? Do you feel sadness, emptiness, despair? To feel good at all levels it is necessary to know how to properly manage emotions. But how do you handle those intense emotions when they seem to spring up on their own and take over completely? Let’s see two key points: 

a) Control what you think and you can control what you feel 

Many times, those emotions so intense and unpleasant that you feel are due to the fact that you are not thinking correctly, but rather that you are using exaggerated, illogical thinking, or you are relying on false ideas and jumping to hasty conclusions, without supporting evidence. For example, a person may think: “He has done it to hurt me” (and, as a consequence, feel anger), but after investigating a little, he discovers that it is not so, so that he feels somewhat annoyed, but not furious. In this way, you have been able to feel better by using more realistic thinking. Therefore, learn to use rational and logical thinking, and you will be learning to control your emotions and your life. 

b) Practice the opposites 

If you often hate , aim to feel opposite emotions more often (such as love, affection, gratitude …) at any time throughout the day, as often as you can. Dare to try it! 

  1. Relationships

Maintaining healthy relationships, both personally and at work, is essential to lead a balanced life. If there are relationships in your life that are generating a high level of stress, it is time to analyze the situation by asking yourself questions such as: 

  • What is the source of the problem?
  • Do I need to learn social skills to relate better?
  • Which part is my fault and what part is the other person’s fault?
  • Do I need to get this person out of my life and end this relationship? Is it a destructive relationship?
  • Do I need professional help or advice to learn how to handle this situation and save the relationship?
  • Do I need to interact with other types of people?

Take some time to think about all this and perhaps you will discover important information that will help you make decisions that you were postponing.

  1. Organize your life
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If you have many things to do, try to organize yourself every morning to get rid of that feeling of stress and stress and have more control over your life. Make a schedule table if necessary or use an agenda. 

  1. Take charge of your life

Do not let life or other people drag you like a puppet. You are the architect and builder of your life. Even if you are bound by difficult circumstances, make your decisions, think about where you want your life to go and the steps you must take to, little by little and with perseverance, reach that destination.

  1. Keep in touch with yourself

Do not lose contact with yourself, with your body and with your emotional or other needs: rest when you need to rest, take care of yourself if you have an illness, spend time with friends or your family, spend time with yourself, practice activities that are pleasant to you Find time to do what you want to do, set goals and dreams to achieve to keep the illusion alive and, above all, keep growing. 

  1. Exercise and diet

And of course, don’t forget to exercise and a healthy, varied and balanced diet to give your body (and your mind) all the nutrients it needs to function at its best. 

 What is an Eco Doppler

Echo Doppler or vascular Doppler ultrasound is an advanced non-invasive ultrasound technique that provides information on the structure of blood vessels. It also measures blood flow in an area of the body’s circulatory system and helps determine vascular resistance to the passage of blood flow.

It is mainly used to view blood vessels in the legs, arms, neck, abdomen, pelvic area, and other organs such as the liver, kidneys, spleen, and the male reproductive system.

What is a Doppler ultrasound?

It is an echocardiogram Doppler mode. It works like the sonar of submarines, so the probe emits and receives the ultrasound that bounces off the structures and transforms them into an image. The ultrasound scans received vary depending on the density of the structure being studied. The blood emits dark echoes and the walls of the vessels produce white echoes because they are denser. This effect makes it possible, for example, to measure the diameter of blood vessels .

To perform a vascular Doppler echo, a device that transmits high-frequency sound waves (transducer) is placed in the area to be examined. This device emits sound waves. When the echoes of the sound waves bounce, they are transmitted as electrical impulses and received by a video monitor that converts them into images of the movement of the organ to be examined. If it is from the heart , it also allows visualizing its internal structures.

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The images can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional depending on the machine and the part of the heart evaluated – they can be printed or engraved.

Types of vascular Doppler echo:

Studies of the arteries and veins are carried out mainly to visualize blockages, thrombi or reduction of the light that can lead to an ischemic stroke, as in the case of the carotids (arteries of the neck) or lead to ischemia of one limb and being able to fix it before it worsens.

There are several types of ultrasound vascular examination tests:

  • Venous Doppler echo

It allows to detect the stenosis (narrowing) of a vessel by means of an image that reflects an abnormal rhythm of the blood flow. Furthermore, reducing the diameter of the vessel makes the flow higher. It helps study blood vessels in the legs , kidneys, or liver.

  • Arterial Doppler echo

Especially to study the carotid arteries. It helps diagnose the presence of arteriosclerosis in the carotid arteries.

Before you take the test

No preparation is necessary to undergo vascular Doppler. You will only need to take nothing before the test if it is an abdominal or renal artery exam. If you are a smoker, it is best not to smoke for half an hour before the test, because cigarette smoke constricts blood vessels, which can alter the test results.

Uses of vascular Doppler

The vascular Doppler offers very relevant information on the state of the blood vessels, by means of ultrasound through a probe that is aligned with the artery or vein to be studied.

Furthermore, this test allows evaluating the intensity of blood flow thanks to the Doppler effect. Thus, red blood cells reflect ultrasound proportionally to the speed with which they circulate in the blood. When you approach the tube, the blood flow appears red and when you zoom out blue.

Depending on the speed of the blood, a graphic pattern is created that allows studying the movement at this level and the speed at which the blood circulates at this point. It is especially used to assess the circulation of the neck arteries (carotids) or the vessels that transport blood to the organs.

  • It helps to decide if a treatment should be surgical or with medications.
  • Diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis.
  • Carotid occlusive disease.
  • Carotid artery stenosis.
  • Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.
  • Abdominal aneurysm.
  • Arterial occlusion.
  • Blood vessel disease.
  • Varicose veins (varicose veins)
  • Venous insufficiency.

Vascular Doppler Risks

Vascular ultrasound Doppler is a safe and reliable diagnostic test, which is free of risks . It does not cause pain and does not harm.

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