Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Practical and Comfortable

How to Make Your Bathroom

When you decide to buy a home, a bathroom is the first area of the home that you’ll want to see. When building a home, the location of a bathroom and a number of bathrooms in your household is a decision that takes a prominent spot. It is also a highly functional room, seeing a show it’s the first place you visit after you get up and the last room you visit before you go to bed in the evening. All in all, making your bathroom both practical and comfortable is a huge priority for any homeowner and here are the top seven methods to help you achieve this goal.

1. A rain showerhead

When it comes to investing in coziness in your own bathroom, nothing trumps a rain showerhead. Why? Well, first of all, because it makes taking a shower more fun and relaxing and it still uses less water than a tub. The best thing here lies in the fact that you don’t really need to do any additional work on your bathroom, just install the new fixture. There’s no need for a change in plumbing or anything of the sorts. The investment itself is fairly simple and handy. Adding a chair to the shower, as well, might also be an excellent idea.

2. More furniture

A bathroom is generally seen as the place that has its own specific furniture type (in terms of materials and methods used in the furniture-making process). Why? Well, because it’s a moist and humid room that would deteriorate the majority of standard furniture at an alarming rate. However, what if this weren’t the furniture that you had to worry too much about? There are certain finishes that can make your furniture more resilient to these conditions. Also, with the shabby chic trend being huge in the bathroom industry, you also have the privilege of paying less attention to the finish and even reusing some of your old furniture.

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3. Focus on eco-friendliness

An eco-friendly bathroom is also a practical one, seeing as how it operates at the maximum resource-efficiency. It spends less power, wastes less water and recycles resources. It also allows you to reduce your utility bill, which makes it into an investment that will return a significant portion of the money spent. Seeing as how your toilet is the single biggest water user in your household, you should probably closely inspect it to ensure that it’s in proper working order. As soon as you notice something off, contact toilet repair experts and let them look into it. 

Switching for low-flow and low-power bathroom fixtures and appliances is also a great idea. Keep in mind that this ensures the eco-friendliness of your household in the long run. When it comes to electricity, one of the best investments that you could possibly make is to buy a solar-powered water heater. Unlike solar panels (which can take a decade or two to pay off) a solar-powered water heater will yield positive returns in two to three years. This way, your bathroom will become more frugal, as well as being eco-friendly. It can also be a great test-run for the installation of solar panels for the rest of your household, later on.

 How to Make Your Bathroom

4. Make it green

Making your bathroom greener is a great idea, especially for those who want to go for a look that more resembles an oasis or a private rainforest. The thing is, however, that these conditions (humidity, temperature, etc.) are just ideal for certain plants. This is why the list of ideal bathroom plants is quite lengthy. Still, when choosing the right one, pick something that fits the overall tone of the place. The shape of the plant and its size (once it’s compared to the layout of the place) is also a major factor. Remember, potted plants are not your only option. Improvised hanging planters or even a bathroom mat made of moss are other options worth exploring.

5. Shelves and racks

The next issue affecting the pragmatism of your bathroom is the shelves and racks. Why? Well, because they determine the number of functional items that can fit your bathroom. Some items like the hairdryer, have their own rack but with other items, you won’t be able to find something so purpose-specific for your other items. In this particular scenario, you can either find something that is similar to this item but you can also try and make this storage option in a DIY project.

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6. Appeal to other senses

The calming effect of running water (that we’ve hinted on during the rain showerhead section) is just one of the senses that you can appeal to in order to make your bathroom as comfortable as possible. Hitting the right temperature is another important factor that may (during some parts of the year), even affect your health. As far as other senses go, using an air freshener (or even fresh flowers) and scented candles is a simple way to make the place feel like a corner specifically designed for rest and relaxation.

7. The light structure

Due to the increased need for privacy, your bathroom is definitely the area of your home with the smallest window. This means that your options for bringing in natural light tend to be quite limited. Fortunately, with the right artificial illumination system, this can change. An ambiance light is always a good idea but adding some functional lights is just as important. Why? Well, you can’t shave or apply make-up without proper lighting. As always, going for LED is a good idea.

In conclusion

While practical may seem like an objective category, the truth is that every problem has different solutions and can be approached from various sides. As far as comfort goes, this can mean a number of things, depending on the target audience. Still, the above-listed ideas are more than welcome when you start introducing improvements to your bathroom. The list of potential upgrades, fortunately, goes on and on.

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