Top 10 Thrilling Upcoming Virtual Reality Room Games In 2020

Virtual Reality Room Games In 2020

For the people who do not have the slightest ideas as to what an escape room games are, let’s just brief you about the history of such games. The concept of the escape game rooms began with the first-player adventure games. The players had to interact with the objects within their surroundings by clicking on the screens. 

Some of the most popular games such as The Myst, The Crimson Room, and The Scrap allowed players to interact and control their environment with the help of a mouse, keyboard, or gaming controller and game reviews.

The first escape room game was developed and created by a Japanese company, since then the escape room games and all around the world are considered to the future of entertainment. 

Virtual Reality In Collaboration With Escape Room Games

Virtual Reality Room Games In 2020

Virtual reality is a technology that is being used to develop the presence of the user. Let’s just say that, it’s an intimacy of the user in a virtual environment. Now, by using virtual reality technology, escape room games can easily be played on an Android device. Keep in mind that people who own a smart device that support VR gear will only be able to play such games.

Upcoming Virtual Reality Room Games In 2020!

We all know that entertainment is an important part of human life. With technology on the rise, people have switched to using appliances that allow little or no human involvement. This is where virtual reality escape room games take the lead.

Need to know which games await you in this year? Don’t miss out and keep reading until the end of this post. We’ve compiled a list of the most thrilling escape room games that you’ll be playing in 2020. 

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The No Man’s Sky:

Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky being developed by Hello Games. It is an action-adventure survival game that is played either as a first-person or a third-person perspective.

The player acts as a traveler in an uncharted universe. You’ll get to fly smoothly from deep space to other planetary surfaces allowing you to explore the galaxy that is filled with constant danger and action.

Half-Life: Alyx:

Half-Life Alyx

This game is the most popular game series the Valve’s return Half-Life. It is the story of a dreadful fight between the alien race that is known as the Combine.

You’ll be playing as the main character Alyx Vance, and you are the only chance for survival of the humans.

Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond:

Medal Of Honor

One of the most action-packed and immersive VR experience game that is the set on the plot of The World War II is Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond. 

In this game, you’ll be stepping into the boots of the agent of a Strategic Service in the war that has been torn in Europe.

Phantom: Covert Ops:

Phantom Covert Ops

Stealth has been evolved. Yes, we’re talking about Phantom: Covert Ops. It is an elite and the deadliest covert operative game. 

Trust me, with VR this game has truly redefined the meaning of stealth action. From dragging your paddles through the water and aiming down the scope of your weapon; everything is being driven through 1:1 player movement. 



Your undercover assignment is at a high-risk setting and there is literally a zero-sum world where the only option you have left is facing the danger head-on! The success only favors the one who embraces it with open arms.

Your competitors will bring in their full force and will stop at nothing to get an advantage from you.

Tetris Effect: 

Tetris Effect

This game is named after a real-world phenomenon where the brain of the players are so engrossed that they’ve started to imagine the images of the falling tetromino blocks lingering their vision, dreams, and even thoughts.

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The core gameplay is still like Tetris that you’ve played when you were a kid, but you’ve never seen, heard, or even felt something like it before.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners:

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a VR game that is nothing like the previous games of the most popular game series: The Walking Dead Universe. 

Every decision that you take in this game is driven by you on your own. you’ll have to fight the undead, scavenge through the ruins and try to survive. 

Lone Echo II:

Lone Echo II:

The Lone Echo 2 is a First player role-playing game. In this game, you’ll be transported into an advanced mining facility that is built within the rings of the planet Saturn. You’ll now have to help Captain Olivia Rhodes to solve a mystery along with using high-tech tools. For this game, you need to have a very good mind, because this game is full of mind-boggling problems.

The Talos Principle:

The Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle game that is being developed by Croteam. In this game, you’ll find yourself in a strange contradictory work of the ancient ruins whereas you’ll have access to advanced technologies. 

You’ll have to solve a lot of complex puzzles and some of the times, you’ll need to go with your gut feeling. Don’t worry, you will be solving more than 120 immersive puzzles in this game.

The Under Present

The Under Present: where the immersive theater meets virtual reality escape room game. This is one of the most intriguing multiplayer experience that is set between the two worlds; Jaunty Vaudeville and the Harrowing Survivors.


There is no doubt the Virtual reality games in collaboration with escape room games have been offering exciting and the most unique experience for players. Along with that, they have been creating opportunities for business owners who own escape room games. The VR escape game rooms will also be reducing the depreciation costs, along with that, businesses will be able to provide the people with a wide range of different games that are merely impossible to create. 

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