Top 5 Telecom Companies in India 2019

Top 5 Telecom Companies in India 2019

Answer depends upon what you are looking for. If you are looking for a high speed, and overall brand value, then It’s better to go with Airtel or Vodafone. These are the giants in the industry, and they have the most subscribers. They are reliable with the closed eyes and and large privately-owned corporations either.

But If you’re looking for the best country-wide coverage, then BSNL should be your choice. It offers 3G data throughout most of the country.

  1. For The Users in Rural Areas:

If you are living in rustic areas, then getting connectivity can be more challenging for the user. Therefore, you need network stability in your SIM card provider. You should pick Airtel or BSNL for this; these are the best choices. They either provide good network stability or good coverage for rustic areas.

  1. For Travelers:

If you love to travel and you want a network that has good and wide coverage across the country. Therefore, networks like BSNL, Airtel, and Vodafone are ideal for this.


  1. Vodafone:

I myself use Vodafone and in my opinion, It provides the fastest ever Internet. Vodafone is actually a British multinational company, and It operates in several countries across the globe. It has over 200 million subscribers as of now in India. There are also a variety of Internet packages. You can buy 4 or 6 GB packs, or you can buy small 150 MB packs, depending on what you want. There are validity options from 1 day to 28 days. You can even buy these “Superhour” or “Supernight” packs, where you get unlimited Internet for one hour or one night, at a very low price.

  1. Airtel:
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Airtel is largest mobile network provider in India having over 300 millions customers. I too personally used Ariel and I was quiet satisfied with this company. For Rs. 299, It offers unlimited calls for a validity of 28 days. You also get 100 SMS per day, as well as a data usage of 1.4 GB per day. You can extend this validity to 84 days if you pay Rs. 495. There’s also a validity of 90 days for Rs. 559.

  1. Idea Cellular:

My family members use Idea and It is good for the subscribers. Although Idea and Vodafone are currently in the process of merging which would make it the largest mobile network provider in the country by a large margin.  Idea is one of the largest networks with over 200 million users. It offers services in 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile Internet.

  1. BSNL:

BSNL was so much popular back then. Actually It is a solely government-owned mobile network provider which makes it different from most other networks which are privately-owned. It is the oldest network provider and communications provider in India. It currently has over 100 million subscribers as of now. One of the good things about BSNL Teleservices is its wide coverage area. It covers large parts of the country, having footprints nearly everywhere. It also offers low-priced 2G and 3G for people who can’t afford 4G.

  1. Jio:

The amount of families provided by Jio is surely appreciable. I have used Jio and had to be shifted to another network due to Its poor network and Internet speed. Jio is one of the most popular networks right now having over 100 million users. Jio comes with 4G network only. If Its network and speed are good enough then I’ll suggest you to go with this.

  1. Tata DoCoMo:
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This network provider has been forgotten a long time ago due to arrival of many more private companies that provide even more facilities. Tata  DoCoMo has over 30 million users. It’s known for having one of the smaller coverage areas. You won’t get good connectivity outside of the cities, towns, and other urban areas. It also offers 3G services, but not 4G.

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