Uber like app development: How 99 & Yandex have achieved success in ride-hailing segment?

Uber like app development

There are businesses that impact convenience and lifestyles. However, there are only a few businesses that can impact culture. Uber is one among them! When Uber started, booking of cabs on demand was considered to be a luxury. The element of luxury can be attributed only to the complicated process and the manpower involved.

It was done using a phone where a user had to contact a provider. The provider would make a note of the demand on pen and paper. They would then coordinate with the available taxi drivers to find out their location of the drivers and then go on to coordinate between the driver and the user. There was a great possibility of inaccuracies and human error.

However, with the revolution like uber, the possibilities of human errors were almost completely eradicated. It also reduced the manpower involved and it personally, the costs involved in booking a taxi. This model was so much of a success that Uber like app development were most sought out to develop ride-hailing businesses all around the world.

The Opening of Floodgates

Uber is present in more than 70 countries. However, it still gives room for competitors to thrive and make a profit. The presence of apps like Lyft, Grab, Careem, Go-Jek, DidiChuxing, and Ola are amazing examples of how the Uber model can be cloned and replicated for success.a couple of names that have created an aura for themselves in the ride-hailing industry and on the app stores are Yandex and 99.

Yandex and 99

People who have been following global internet trains are bound to know the name Yandex. It is the most popular search engine in Russia. It has embarked on an endeavor to provide ride-hailing services in Russia.

99 operates out of Brazil, the country isn’t gifted with an efficient Public Transportation system. The buses are overcrowded and the metro stations are a little too far to be accessed by walk considering the equatorial climate. In both these markets, ride-hailing services are extremely relevant. Their success can very well be used as a case study to understand the ways in which these applications find success.

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Being Local

Both Yandex and 99 solved a problem in a way that it benefits the locals. With unemployment being a major issue, opening up the economy to both drivers and users who needed last-mile connectivity was master move. They had not only succeeded in creating a profitable business but had also given a solution to unemployment in the country. Yandex, unlike Uber, connects passengers with self-employed drivers.

Better Data and Better Results

Today, the expectations of people are highly specific, they want accurate search results. They also require more from the app then just booking a cab. Yandex went on to provide traffic alerts and weather forecast. Using the data that they had in terms of taxi movement speed, they were able to come up with this kind of service.

99 has a seamless and intuitive user interface which makes the search quite easy and user friendly. It saves users a lot of time.

Planning for the future

The most important thing about structuring your business is to pave the way for the future. Both 99 &Yandex has been regular inventing and adding new things into their itinerary. However the process doesn’t get fulfilled just by thinking about what we can do for the future. Implementation is the most vital part and most of the ride-hailing platforms have been successfully doing it. For example, carpooling and bike sharing has become the most sought out business idea among the entrepreneurs. These business ideas can come into life right under your ride-hailing business

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Coming up with the driverless cars & autonomous cars can be a good idea but it should be long thought about the cities in which you can actually implement it. Based on the 50 populated US cities, it has been found that only below 6% from the over-all cities in which these business ideas can be implemented.

Apart from ride-hailing, the business can also be implemented for whole-sale transport operations. It has the potential to solve the “last mile” problem with the deliveries. Also in future, due to urbanization, it is highly unlikely to keep a large number of vehicles in the transit. In this case public transit services can partner up with the ride-hailing business and keep the transportation afloat with less number of vehicles.

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Versatility and Flexibility

Creating a transport solution from point A to point B does not seem like a big deal, especially with the availability of Uber clone scripts. However, creating a successful business out of ride-hailing lies in providing a lot more than just the basics. The app can feature a facility for accommodating multiple stops and also a child seat. Yandex has flexibility and gives both these features. The special tariff for kids would mean that parents with young children are encouraged to use their services.

Yandex and 99 are good examples of how a tried and tested business model with a proven success can still show improvement. They have demonstrated that little embellishments in line with the local demands can go a long way in scripting success.

What is in Store for You?

You have probably contemplated on creating your own local ride-hailing business. This is important for you to ensure that you do not invest time in reinventing the wheel with the availability of Uber clone scripts in the market, all you need to do is exercise care and meticulousness in choosing the right script which has a facility to accommodate all the additional features if not already existent!

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