What are Screen Glasses and how They Save Your Eyes?

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Do you know that you are looking at one of the digital devices that emit blue light rays through the screen? This is absolutely true. Whether we are at work or home, viewing laptop, computer or smartphones, we are putting our eyes into trouble. Although we do it unintentionally, our delicate eyes are suffering without any fault due to absence of protective screen glasses.

So what is this blue light and how it is affecting eyes?

Blue light is the short wavelength rays of the visible spectrum that is visible to the eyes. These blue light rays are also present in the sunlight. Actually, some amount of blue light rays is good for us. To be precise, during day time, the natural blue light from sunlight keeps us awake and regulates the sleeping cycle of the body. And after sunset, in the absence of blue light, the body is induced to sleep. This happens due to Melatonin hormone that responds to the blue light. However, the excessive exposure of blue light is not good for the eyes. Not only does the blue light affect the sleeping pattern of the body, but it also leads to serious consequences to the eyes. To name a few, issues related to eyes such as pain, redness, dryness, itchiness, weakness, strain, fatigue and even severe retinal damage. Along with this, blue light also brings headache and it is not just any ordinary headache, it is called the digital migraine that occurs every time you use digital screen devices for longer hours.

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How to protect eyes from blue light and its harmful effect?

To take care of your eyes is your ultimate responsibility and to protect them from blue light must be your goal to keep them safe.  Thus, the first step is to limit the usage of digital screen devices. Especially, at the night time it is advised not to use them prior to 30 minutes before your bed-time. This will help in inducing sleep without any disturbance. Else insomnia is something you have to struggle with.

Secondly, use screen glasses which are capable of blocking blue light from entering the eyes and prevents strain and fatigue. Screen glasses are also known as computer glasses, blue blocker glasses or anti-blue light glasses. These glasses have a blue-light protection coating on the surface of the lenses that guards the eyes by not letting blue light to pass through the lens. Therefore, the blue light is unable to reach the retina and the eyes feel comfortable and relax when you use computer and other similar devices. You can use blue blocker glasses throughout the day without any side effect. They are completely safe and you can view the computer, laptop, television, mobile etc. wearing them.


You can get both prescription glasses as well as non-prescription glasses with anti-blue light lenses. So whether you suffer from any eyesight disorder or not, irrespective of yours wearing glasses frames, you can always wear these screen glasses for your safety and rescue.

Where to buy screen glasses?

You can buy screen glasses from a trusted eyewear manufacturer, namely, Specscart who are the leading eyeglasses provider in the UK. With their blue blocker glasses, you get 99.99% protection as they are extremely effective in blocking the blue light. Moreover, every pair of eyeglasses that you buy from Specscart comes with automatically loaded anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch and shock resistance features, for absolutely free. That is what is called the best deal.

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Apart from that, you can select attractive and highest quality glasses frames for your blue blocker glasses.The size, colours, patterns, designs, brands, shape and many more are available in the variety of glasses from Specscart. There is not one but many that you will find matching your face shape, purpose, occasion, mood and style.

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