What to do if hp printer is not printing black text

What to do if hp printer is not printing black text

It is a very common thing that the product we are using that will get obsolete one day because of the daily use and every electronic device the services that make it working regularly and if the user is facing these type of problems then the user can check it on the official site of hp printer and Hp printer is one of the best printers in the market to provide the best customer support. There is some reason that causes the problem for Hp Printer not printing black text so that follow these steps to correct these steps

Some Basic Things To Start

These are some basic things to start before that:-

1.FIrst thing is to turn off the printer and after that unplug it from the power source and then disconnect the USB cables with the printer and after some moments just reconnect it with your printer and then plug it with your printer. After that just turn your Hp printer back on and then just Print a quality diagnostic report and you can do a “Print black Test Page”

2. You can mostly find that option on your hp printer display screen and after checking the printer user guide and follow the instructions step by step to solve hp printer not printing black text.

3. After that check the HP printer ink levels and after that just double check the ink volume in the cartridges and if the user is using is the aftermarket cartridges that do not show the ink levels and after that the user has to figure out that another way to ascertain that your ink cartridges have the fault or not.

Check the Ink Cartridge:-

1.The initial thing the user has to do is replace the ink cartridges which should not be in the low on ink and the empty because sometimes this common thing that the user does not keep in mind and that makes the trouble for the users

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2.The user should be confirmed that the ink cartridges are snapped into the correct place and the property that are installed that are in the appropriate slot.

3.Now the user should he have completely installed the new cartridge and he has removed the tape over the vent because this is a must when the user is installing a new cartridge that’s a reason why hp printer not printing black text on the paper.

4 Now the user duty is the check the vents of the cartridges because sometimes they got clogged and user forget to see that and the user can fix this thing with the help of an Hp Printer brush and that make clean of the printer so that it is easy for the user to take the support to “print black text”.

5 After that just try to use the different ink cartridge to determine that the Hp printer is able to recognize the cartridges and HP printer which the user is using that is with the old cartridge and after that try to install the old cartridge and then after that just see the procedure that has any sort of the output of any shade of gray that will do.

6 Now the user have to determine whether that it is the cartridge or that is the printhead that is making problems and if the hp printer that is able to print something with the help of the old cartridge and after that it is not the hp printer not printing black text head and user has new black cartridge that can also be faulty and that can be also replaced in that.

Check the Pritnerhead

Just check and switch the ink cartridges that does not work and the next thing is that the user has to do is that printhead and the user should confirm that printheads are not clogged because this can be the reason for not working and there are most hp printer have the automatic cleaning feature but the user will be able to remove the printhead from Hp printer and the user can also clean it manually but the user should be taken care of printer because it is very fragile and that should be used in a very careful manner.

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If the user is running that printhead cleaning feature once it does not work then the user can again for the second time and third time and there is no limit for this and how many times the user can run that automatic running feature. There is the benefit of the users and there will be no problem for the user and the user should not be mentioned the running the automatic printhead cleaning function that uses a lot of ink.

Now realign printer and for hp printer, the user can find this option on the printer that is showing on the display screen.

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In this article, we read about the solution of hp printer not printing black text ink on the paper and we explained all the solutions and the cause of it and if after that the user does not get the satisfaction then the user can call on hp printer support number that will guide the customer in a better way.

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