You Can Enhance Your Business’s Connectivity and Efficiency with Custom Business Mobile Subscriptions in Norway that are Tailor Picked for Your Needs

If you are running a small to medium-sized business and are looking for a way to boost the productivity of yourself and your employees, getting a business subscription for mobile coverage could be the leg-up you’re looking for. Especially in Norway, mobile coverage can be spotty depending on the region you’re working in, and having good communication between workers is an essential part of running an efficient business. This is why it can be important to ensure that your employees have access to a business mobile subscription, as it will take some of the pressure off them and allow them to communicate with each other freely. This article will go over the best way to go about getting such a corporate network going and will cover the benefits of a shared mobile plan and some tips for how to choose between different providers.

The easiest and simplest way to find the best plan for your business

It can be a pretty big headache just trying to choose the right plan for a personal mobile plan, so choosing the right one for a business, with more money on the line and more options being presented with each plan, is no picnic. Thankfully some services offer the help of experts who will go and search for the perfect business subscription for your needs. All you need to do is to enter some information about the type of services that you need and soon enough you’ll have offers from various mobile plan providers competing to offer you the best coverage. Saving you the trouble of doing all the research and searching yourself is a valuable service and the best of these services offer noncommittal consultation.

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Why you should have a business mobile plan

Okay, there’s been a lot of talk about how, but maybe you aren’t convinced that you need a business mobile subscription, here’s why should seriously consider it.

  • In the long run, it will save you money, especially if you use a service like the one discussed above.
  • You will likely be offered plans that can also involve internet services, and having your business set up as a corporate network can have huge advantages in terms of efficiency and cooperative work.
  • Having access to business phones to conduct work matters will ensure that your employees aren’t spending their own funds to make business calls, which will make them feel that you care about their well-being and should raise morale.
  • Having a dedicated business subscription means that you can perfectly tailor the features and data allowances that are available. You won’t be paying for unnecessary options and you won’t be locked out of features that could be useful.
  • If an issue should arise, having a coverage plan put together as a business means you will be able to reach more effective customer support than if you were using separate personal mobile plans.
  • Everyone will be on the same page when it comes to expenses, you won’t have to manage a labyrinthine spreadsheet of various mobile expenses incurred from different employees on different types of plans, you will have a single business subscription bill with little variance from quarter to quarter.

What are the benefits of having one provider for your entire business mobile subscription?

As we’ve touched on earlier, there are a couple of benefits to having a single provider give you coverage. You have more control over the bill, and can likely even do some negotiating and reduce the overall price of the services you are getting by buying them in bulk. Dealing with issues is simple, there would only be one point of call for any customer support needs. Setting up a corporate network under one provider means that your service should be consistent and if it’s a reasonably large provider you can rely on quality service across multiple business locations.


There are many options to choose from for a mobile subscription provider, what is important to consider?

So you’re convinced that getting a business mobile subscription for your Norwegian business is the right move, but how do you choose from the various offers that come in, and what is important?

  • What do your employees normally need, do they use lots of data, is there one team in particular that might need a larger allowance than others?
  • What functionalities do you want to be incorporated into your corporate network? How much do these services normally run?
  • Are there systems that you are already using that could be integrated with the service that you are considering purchasing and would this save you money by combining those systems?
  • Is the business subscription provider well-known with a good reputation?
  • Do they offer the right sort of coverage in the specific areas of Norway that you are working in or planning to expand to?
  • Does this provider offer enhanced customer support for businesses, or is their level of customer support known for being high quality?


Getting the edge over your competitors through stronger business-wide connectivity is important in today’s digital age. Choosing a business mobile subscription that is tailored to your business’s needs will not only provide that connectivity, it will also save money and simplify many processes across the business at the same time.

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