Learn How Many Days After a Period is Safe to Avoid Pregnancy

Many Days After a Period is Safe to Avoid Pregnancy

It’s always a big question for the couples how many days after period is safe to avoid pregnancy. The answer is also different for different women. Many couples are worried about the most reliable time for getting intimate yet not getting pregnant.

So here the answers are available for all the queries mentioned above.

Though, the possibilities of getting pregnant in these different circumstances may vary.

During the period:

The possibility is very less to get pregnant while doing intercourse during a period. If you have your period cycle 28- 30 days long and have regular periods, chances of getting pregnant during the period are very less. However, if you have a shorter periodic cycle, then the answer for you, is different because chances of getting pregnant are there for the shorter regular period. If the sequence is as short as 20 to 24 days, it means you have early ovulation. If you have sex at the end day of your period, there is a chance to conceive as sperm may stay alive inside you for 3-5 days. However, the possibilities for conceiving are always less during the period.

Right after the period:

Don’t try right after a period as it is the most unsafe time to avoid pregnancy. The chances of fertilization are highest at this time because you are getting within the fertility window at this time. In general 28-30 days periodic cycle the day between days 11 to day 21 is considered as the fertile window. If the period lasts for 6-7 days, then the next day of the 7th day is considered as the starting of the fertile window, and you can ovulate faster if you do the intercourse on this day. So don’t try the next 15 days after bleeding.

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Just before the period:

The chance of getting pregnant before the period is almost absent. For the women having a regular period and a cycle of 29-31 days longer, it is sure to say that their ovulation time is between days 12 to day 21. That means the days before the starting of your period are safest to do intercourse without expecting unwanted pregnancy.

If you know the ovulation time and wait for next 35-48 hours accordingly, you should be out of the chances of conception. The further you move away from ovulation time, the chances of conceiving become lesser. This the perfect time if you don’t want to conceive, but you want to enjoy intimacy with the partner. If you are having a baby then you should take proper care of the baby.


Follow this article to find how many days after the period is safe to avoid pregnancy. You may contact a gynecologist and get the exact fertile days to enjoy intimacy without worry.

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