4 Reasons Why Athletes Should Consider Taking CBD


CBD might be new to the masses, but it has been known in the sports community for a while. Some of the earliest proponents of CBD were athletes, especially from contact sports like MMA and football. CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, which makes it a great option and athletes should take CBD. But it also has other benefits that athletes may have not considered.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why athletes should take CBD.

Stress Reduction

One of the biggest proven benefits of CBD is stress reduction. This makes this a great option for athletes who train consistently. It works with the recovery process and allows them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Not only that, but the kind of sleep CBD favorites is the one that contributes to muscle and tissue repair. So, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and stress-free ready to take on the day.

It’s Easy to Take and Dose

Another benefit of CBD is how versatile it is. You can take it under the tongue or vaporize it. Some people like to smoke it, while others might prefer something like a topical cream to deal with inflammation at the source. 

CBD is versatile and non-psychoactive, and you can adjust your dose based on the kind of results you want. And there are always new products appearing on the market. If you want to find a great source, www.premierhempcompany.com is a great option if you’re looking for topical products, edibles, or other products.

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CBD can be added to your food and taken before or after your training sessions. It can even be added to your post-workout shake and allow you to get the benefits in the healthiest way possible.

CBD is an Adaptogen

If you’re unfamiliar with the principle of adaptogens, these are elements that are meant to keep our bodies in a state of osmosis or balance. And this is exactly what CBD does. It interacts with the CBD receptors to regulate the activity of whatever organ they’re attached to. This is how they can treat things like migraines, anxiety, and pain, as they help the body get back to a natural balanced state.

CBD Helps Boost Muscle and Nervous System Recovery

More is known now about the central nervous system or CNS. Athletes understand the importance of not over-taxing it and the effects of over-training on the central nervous system and performance. CBD has been shown to help regulate CNS activity and prevent exhaustion. This allows you to perform better during sessions and get back to heavy training faster. 

As CBD favors sleep and relieves inflammation, it also plays a very important role in recovery. CBD has been shown to interact directly with GABA receptors, which suggests that it could be influencing the very system responsible for calming the body down.


Athletes should take CBD as it is beneficial. If you are athletes and still on the fence about CBD, we hope we were able to enlighten you a bit. Make sure to ask other athletes who’ve used it about their experience. You’ll be able to have a clearer idea of whether it’s the right option for you.

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