All You Need to Know About Skylight Fall Injuries

Skylight Fall Injuries

Besides accident injuries, fall injuries are very common. Many people lose their balance to fall down. However, in most cases, it’s not more than some bruises and cuts. But when it comes to a serious fall injury, it could be pretty complicated. Some fall injuries even are life-threatening. Let’s see all you need to know about skylight fall injuries.

Skylight fall is one of the most crucial fall injuries. Usually, rooftop workers and are at high risk of having this type of damage. However, it could be risky for a normal person as well. 

If you or someone you know are having a skylight injury, it would be better to contact a personal injury lawyer. For more information, learn more here. If you don’t have a problem and still want to know more about the types of skylight fall injuries, we are covering it in the following. 

What is a Skylight Fall Injury?

In simple words, a skylight fall injury occurs when someone falls through the skylight. As we mentioned before, most inspectors and rooftop workers face this type of injury. A skylight needs to be covered with a metal cage or fenced off. However, if there are neither of these, the building owner is responsible. 

Types of Skylight Fall Injuries

As we mentioned before, a person can get different injuries by falling through a skylight. It could be a serious issue if the person is not getting enough medical attention on time. In the following, we are going to cover five common skylight fall injuries. 

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain or head injury is one of the most common accident injuries. And when it comes to skylight fall, brain injuries are quite obvious. The impact of the fall can affect a person’s brain badly. It can create cognitive issues that will be the reason for traumatic brain injury. Other brain injuries such as hematomas and brain contusions are also common. 

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

Just like head/brain injuries, spinal cord injuries are also common for skylight fall. When someone falls from a certain height, he/she can get a serious spinal cord injury. In fact, it could be the reason for complete or partial paralysis. Other common results of a spinal cord injury are loss of sensation in the limbs, incontinence, bowel problems, and weakness

  • Internal Damage
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Sometimes it looks good for a skylight victim, but internal damage is more serious than normal injuries. Internal damage can happen with normal injuries. It’s common to have internal damage because of the force of impact. When an internal organ is damaged, it could be the cause of various health problems. This is why the victim needs medical attention as soon as possible. 

  • Broken Bones

One of the most common skylight fall injuries is broken bones. According to some reliable sources, around 6.8 million Americans break a bone every year. Well, it could happen for multiple reasons, but skylight fall is one of them. Sometimes a broken or fractured bone can create a lot of health complications. So, make sure you are giving it enough medical attention.  

  • Emotional Stress

Each accident affects the victim emotionally, especially when the injuries are serious. On the other hand, some people feel emotional stress even not being that physically injured. 

If you have the same problem after the accident, make sure you are talking to a therapist. Sometimes your lawyer can also help you when you are having stress-related to insurance and things. 

Who is Liable in a Skylight Fall Claim?

There are many people who can be liable in a skylight fall claim. When you are hiring a personal injury lawyer, he/she will fight for you to find that person. In fact, they have to pay the liability cost.

  • The Manufacturer of the Skylight

Manufacturing a skylight is crucial, the company needs to follow safety measurements while designing the skylight. As we mentioned before, a skylight needs to be properly fenced. 

In fact, some manufacturers also cover it with a metal cage. If the skylight does not have any protection and a rooftop worker falls through it, the manufacturers are responsible. 

  • The Owner of the Building

No matter if it’s a large building or a small house, the owner is one of the most liable parties. Sometimes manufacturers are not even responsible if the owner of the building is not careful enough. For example, an owner needs to check if the skylight is having problems or safe enough to use. 

  • The Employer
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If the victim is working as a rooftop worker, the employer can be liable in a skylight claim. It happens especially when the person is working for a large construction site. An employer should be aware of workers’ safety. If the employer is not taking responsibility for the accident, you can take steps against him/her. 

What to do After Getting a Skylight Fall Injury?

If you or some fell through a skylight, you need to take some steps. Due to the seriousness of the injury, you need to take quick decisions as well. 

  • Seek Medical Attention

The first thing a victim need is medical attention. As we mentioned before, a skylight fall can cause serious injuries. In fact, it could be life-threatening in some cases. Immediate medical attention is also good for getting a personal injury lawyer. 

  • Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

As we mentioned before, a personal injury lawyer can solve a lot of problems. No matter if you get a small bruise or a serious broken bone, you should not take extra stress during this time. A personal injury lawyer will gather all evidence and fight against responsible people and insurance companies. In fact, your lawyer will help you with medical issues. 


As you can see, a skylight fall can be very dangerous. However, the good thing is it’s not a common accident. Although if you are a rooftop inspector or worker, you need to be more careful. Make sure you are talking to a personal injury lawyer if you are injured by a skylight fall.

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