When You Should Hire A Maritime Lawyer

hire a maritime lawyer.

When an accident occurs, you face some injuries and when you are willing to file a claim against that, all you look for is an expert lawyer. It is always advisable to go for the lawyer to count on your case. For example, if your car is hit by someone else then you should always go with a car crash expert attorney. But what about the situation when you get injured near or in the sea? For accidents like this, we have Miami Maritime Lawyer. Let’s see when you should hire a maritime lawyer.

Who is a Maritime advocate and how he can help you is what we are going to see in this article. 

Who Is A Maritime Lawyer:

A Maritime Lawyer is the one who is specialised in the lawsuit related to the sea. These types of attorneys are experts in maritime law and Admiralty law. Maritime law consists of the laws related to the sea, wherein the Admiralty law includes both private international law and domestic law on maritime activities. 

If someone is a passenger or simply working at sea or if he gets injured and wants to file a case for the reimbursement, then he can go with a maritime attorney. Such types of lawyers are experts of maritime law. Here all the cases related to sea including naval matters and seaborne trade are included under the lawsuit of a maritime attorney. As the maritime laws are complicated and imply many Legal Strategic, one should always hire an adept maritime lawyer. Visit Baris Law for such a highly experienced and skilled Miami Maritime Lawyer.

When You Should Hire A Maritime Lawyer

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Not every accident or injuries that occurred in the sea requires a maritime attorney and that is why you should know exactly when you have to consult the maritime lawyer. 

What if you were swimming in the sea and you got injured? This case certainly doesn’t involve a Maritime lawyer. However when you get wounded while working in the sea or while swimming and you had an accident due to the boat of some other driver then you can go ahead with a claim and hire a maritime lawyer for the proceedings. 

The most elegant way of differentiating the situation which can involve a Maritime lawyer and which cannot is with the presence of a boat or vessel. Every time a vessel or a boat is involved in an accident you can contact a Maritime lawyer for compensation. Doesn’t matter if the boat is recreational or commercial you can always go to a professional Maritime attorney and claim the settlement. 

Now when you know the injuries done by any water vehicle are included in the maritime law and when you face injuries due to such vehicles you can reach out to a Maritime lawyer to file a case. The next question is what type of personal injury calls for a maritime attorney? 

The personal injuries that can be acknowledged under the Maritime law by an expert maritime lawyer are


If you are on a boat and you got injured then you can certainly go ahead and hire a Maritime Lawyer. The reason for getting injured can be anything from less secure cargo to improper safety regulations taken on the carts, cranes and dollies. While documenting the compensation you can claim any collision or bums that occurred on the sea vehicle. 

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If the maritime company you are working with is not following the guidelines related to the safety measures of the workers then there is a strong possibility of the workers getting sick. If someone falls ill due to the recklessness of the maritime company then also he can hire a Maritime lawyer and file a lawsuit. 

Falls and slips:

If you fall or slip inside a boat or vessel then also you can take the benefit of the maritime law. The fall can be a result of anything including the broken that or the wet floor in that situation as well you can ask for compensation with the help of the maritime attorney. 

Heavy Lifting:

While working on the boat if you lift a heavy object and you got injured then this personal injury is also included in the maritime law. 

There are numerous maritime advocates available in Miami however filing a lawsuit for a complex situation is only a matter of professional attorneys. To hire a highly professional Board Certified Miami Maritime Lawyer you can visit 

Brais Law. The law firm will avail you of advocates having more than 28 years of combined trial experience.

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