5 Home Decoration Ideas for Festival Season

Design a Display

Festivals are the times of merrymaking and fun with friends and family.  

Naturally, such occasions call for celebrations and your home should always be prepared for the unexpected arrival of guests and unannounced parties during this time.

Moreover, refurbishing the home for the festive season also helps to set in the mood and uplift your spirit.

So if you are also thinking of ideas for decorating your home without making a dent in the pocket then here are some tips that can help you out. Just take a look.

Prior to Beginning

A clutter-free ambience is essential to allow positive energy flow into the house. That is why you need to declutter prior to beginning the repairs. Make sure that that your home is dust-free and well-ventilated.

Just visualise the effect that you want to achieve. The simplest way to do that is to select an appropriate shade for your interiors. Having a colour scheme in mind will assist in focussing and maintaining the coveted tone.

For example, you can create an ambience that is welcoming in any room with the warm shades like the orange, yellow, red and peach. You should not be afraid to be bold and also can dramatize the setting with gold and purple.

Once that is done you can try the following tips for attaining the desired effect.

  • Purchase the Home Accessories – This is the time to indulge in the hammered lamp or the aroma sticks that you have been eyeing for quite some time now. You should set a little corner up with the prized accessories and that can pep up a dull room any day. You can try a couple of big dramatic pieces instead of too many insignificant pieces that are scattered around. This will create a more organised milieu wherein anyone will love to spend more time.
  • Design a Display – In smaller homes if you go overboard with the décor then it can soon become quite difficult to move around. That is why you should go for a display in one particular area of the room. Ensure that it does not interfere with the daily chores. A staircase or an entrance hall happens to be a great place to display and hang the assorted decorations. Such an arrangement is ideal as the guests will be greeted as they enter your home this way. You just need flowers, some fairy lights, garlands and shimmers. With these items, sky is the limit if you just put your creativity to use.
  • Create a Memory Wall – What can be more enjoyable than lighting up the cherished memories. This is great way to transform the unused and empty wall spaces. The fairy lights are not just affordable but also easily available. Once you string up the fairy lights make sure that there is quite a good amount of space in between the points. Then print out some pictures of your beloved friends and family. You can clip on or stick the pictures in between the lights. This way you can rekindle your memories and watch them come alive. Either your dining or living room can be the focal point of interest in this case.
  • Go for an Impressive Table Setting – You can add an exciting bunch of the napkin holders, springs and flowers and take a few moments to set the right cutlery. A well-set table adds more passion to the delicacies served there and it assists to enrich the memories that will be created as you and your family gorge on your favourite foods. For creating an exclusive centrepiece, you should add candles into the glass bowls filled with water.
  • Make the Balcony an Extension of the Living Room – Another great way of styling up your interiors is to make way for an outdoor space. All you have to do is extend the living room décor into the balcony and have a living room just under the sky. If you want more privacy you can add a bamboo screen to the portion that overlook a neighbour’s balcony or living room. This way you can have a great outdoor space where you can have a gala time with your close ones during the festivities. You can just accentuate the place with some lights for the added glamour.
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Apart from the above you can also opt for event furniture hire if you are having a party or get-together at your home during the celebrations. This will help you create the apt décor along with proper seating arrangements for the guests without digging a hole in the pocket.

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