How to Make Your Home More Inviting by Installing Attractive Flooring?

How to Make Your Home More Inviting by Installing Attractive Flooring?

It’s a dream of all people to set up a classy and elegant home which catches everybody’s eyes. Everyone wants a beautiful home, and if you’re planning to set up one you’d know that beautiful floors are an essential part of it. Different people are different requirements when it comes to choosing flooring material. Some people want easy-to-clean floors, some want floors that make their space look more spacious (or cozy), and others want dent and scratch resistant floors, some people want carpet calgary.

A few years (or decades) back from now, finding a floor with all the qualities you need wasn’t that easy. The floors which looked good weren’t that durable and the floors which were durable didn’t compliment your space. However, over these years, floor manufacturing companies have come up with a huge variety of floorings that perfectly fit your needs and style.

If you’re building your home or renovating the old one, make sure you consider the following flooring types that will help you make your home look more inviting and attractive:

     1. Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

This type of flooring is quite durable and one of the most attractive floorings when it comes to appearance. These tiles are scratch resistant and highly durable against moisture and spills. Also, they’re very easy to clean. If you drop water or other liquid on these tiles, all you would need is a damp mop to clean them up.

This flooring type, though extremely attractive and classy, has a few disadvantages as well. These tiles are not resistant to cracks and may break if something heavy falls on them. For example, if you drop a heavy vase or jar, it is possible that the tile gets cracked or in some cases may even break.

Also, you have to be extremely careful while installing porcelain and ceramic tiles. It is because improper and uneven subfloors underneath tiles can contribute to cracking and if the tiles are poorly grouted they may allow moisture to penetrate through them. Note that if water penetrates through the tiles they may swell up and break. Due to this reason, it is advised to hire professionals for installing ceramic or porcelain tiles.

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     2. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the classiest and trendiest, as well as the most durable floorings available in the market today. It is highly scratch and dent resistant; however, it is not as resistant to moisture as some other flooring types. Laminate flooring is available in a huge variety of styles and colors, and you can easily find one that perfectly fits your home interior.

Laminate flooring is getting more durable with time as manufacturers are working to improve their base and wear layer. Moreover, the top layer of the laminate floor is amazingly resistant to dents and scratches. So if you have pets at your place, this flooring is definitely the best option you’ve got.

When you go for buying laminate flooring you will see that it has various AC (Abrasion Class). This is basically a rating that shows how durable a laminate floor actually is. The rating ranges from AC1 (moderate) to AC5 (heavy), and tells you how resistant the laminate floor is against traffic.  You can find these in the product description of the floor.

     3. Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring one of the most commonly used floors in restaurants and cafes. It is one of the most durable and trendiest floorings that you can have for your home. These floors are usually stained to order and can complement your space quite well. However, in reality, homeowners don’t really want concrete floors in their home.

     4. Bamboo Flooring

This grass might be difficult to remove from your lawn but it looks incredibly attractive when turned into a floor. Also, the durability of this flooring type is unmatchable, though it may vary a bit with the quality of bamboo. The secret behind this durability is added materials, stalk placement, and bamboo quality. The bamboo which is the later-harvested id of better quality and more durable as compared to younger bamboo which is harvested early. However, unfortunately, a bamboo type is quite difficult to determine when buying bamboo floor.

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     5. Vinyl Flooring

This type of flooring is one of the most classic and resilient floorings you can get for your home. Among is various benefits, the major ones are its 100% resistance to moisture and unmatchable durability. These floors are so durable that they may even last longer than the house itself.  Moreover, they’re available in a huge variety of styles and colors, so you can easily find one that perfectly matches your home décor. Vinyl floors have the built-in ability to make your rooms look more spacious and open. So if you want your space to look bigger and more open, vinyl floors are definitely a great choice.

     6. Hardwood Flooring (Solid Hardwood & Engineered wood)

Last but not least, hardwood flooring is a perfect and an all-time-favorite flooring type. Solid hardwood and engineered wood floorings have the incredible ability to add grace and class to your space. They can easily complement any kind of home interior and along with adding grace, hardwood floors also add value to your home.

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