Lockdown and Outdoor Activities

Lockdown and Outdoor Activities

Going out, just to breathe in the fresh air, just to see that sunrise and the sunset or simply just to leave the four boundaries of the house and roam about. These are all things which were very much possible during those times when the world was not fighting this global pandemic of COVID 19 and when all of us were set free to do anything.

These lockdowns or the stay at home orders have just made us realize the importance of these outdoor activities, which before we did not use to give any value to.

Some benefits of outdoor activities

Outdoor activities help an individual with a number of benefits, here are listed some of them: –

  • Gets the fatigue out of you – Usually, every outdoor activity just acts as a reason to take you out of your couch or bed and also those video games. Thereby helping you to get rid of the fatigue and just freshen you up.
  • Helps you to get better sleep – Main reason for people having insomnia is that they don’t have that physical tiredness in their lifestyle that prevents that trigger to sleep. So, in such cases, an outdoor activity could help someone to just get tired and thereafter have a great sleep. Good sleep will again be highly beneficial.
  • A break from the panic at the workplace – Work from home or school from home sounds very cool but the reality is quite different. Zoom meetings, hundreds of calls, hours, and hours spending on computer or laptop screens, and all this panic comes along with the cool “Work from home” or “School from home” concept. So, it’s very much necessary to have a break from this everyday thing, and that could be achieved only by going out and indulging in an outdoor activity.
  • You could come back with some great hobby – Trying out any outdoor activity can also help you have a good hobby, be it cycling, running or whatever the case may be.
  • Improves Physique – Outdoor recreation can sometimes be physically demanding like playing any sport or jogging or cycling or skipping. These activities work out your stabilizer muscles in quite different ways thus improving muscle tone and strength as well.
  • Improves patience and bonding skills- Many outdoor activities require you to work with other individuals that help you create bonds and also to learn to adjust.
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Is it really safe considering the current situations?

All these benefits are exceptionally fine, but since we are in the middle of such drastic situations that are occurring as a result of the global pandemic of Corona Virus, not all outdoor activities are possible right now. There are certain outdoor activities that are safe currently but at the same time, there are the ones which you cannot really engage in right now.

The main reason for that is social distancing or just keeping the recommended minimum distance of six feet from others, who live outside the threshold of your own house. This is the only way in which this virus can be prevented from being transferred because the transmission gets to be the highest when people are in sustained and close contact with others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and also the World Health Organization explains that coming in close contact with others, makes it easier for the respiratory droplets from one person who is sick to make its way into the other person’s mouth or nose, which can make him or her sick as well.

So, all these factors make it important that you choose the right outdoor activity for yourself so that you do not get yourself into the trouble of getting infected with the virus from someone. So, go for an outdoor activity that involves just you or maybe people from your house only and no other unknown individuals and so whichever activity you are thinking of must allow you to maintain social distancing.

Outdoor activities that are possible in this pandemic

Despite all the restrictions, there are many outdoor activities which still might be possible for you to indulge into. But at the same time, it also depends on the restrictions that are imposed in your particular area, so choose wisely and accordingly. Listed below are some outdoor activities that one can go for even during this pandemic while taking proper safety measures and being aware all the time.

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Create a crossbow range in your backyard

Without being vulnerable to be infected, one can just have a great time in their backyard with their family. Set up a crossbow or an archery range in the backyard. All the equipment required including the best crossbows for such a set up can be made available through any online site. Moreover, it will not require a lot of things.

Just wander around

Sometimes you just need a change in the scenery and in such times just having a walk amidst the nature outside can help you calm those nerves. This will not only take you out of the house but will also help you to de-stress yourself or as we say, it will act as a mental detox for your mind. A walk around the lake or around that park is just more than enough to freshen you up. Moreover, a walk alone or just with someone from your home itself, if done with proper safety measures, will in no way harm you.

Take out your bike

Cycling around can help you to get to various places and help you explore around, and you are doing this on your own bike, so there’s nothing to worry about if you go out with the proper measures.

Just find out some play outside

Playing any little sport whether it is a huge team playing it or it is just a few people of your house itself, in any way it creates a lot of excitement and joy, two things which are the most needed in these times.

Go for a hike

This option is possible only when you stay somewhere near to any hiking site and if you are then you should surely be doing this. Just pack some essential things and get your hiking

shoes and you are all set to go for a great experience.

Car Camping

If you got a car, then pack your food and get some hot coffee or tea and tell your family to get in the car. Then just play some good music and drive to a place with some chill winds and a serene view, where you can enjoy food and coffee with your family and of course preferably a place where there are not many people around.

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