Online Shopping Hacks to Save You Money

shopping tips to save money

Shopping online for your clothing, décor, appliances, furniture, and grocery makes everything you could need accessible with the click of a button. It’s a convenient way to shop, which is why 91% of Americans are predicted to be shopping online by 2023. Making purchases online also allows you to save money since you have endless options to choose from. There are many tricks to finding the best prices online, and by using these shopping hacks, you can get the best deal possible.

1. Weekly circulars

Checking out weekly circulars online is a great way to find out about any exclusive deals, promotions, or coupons available at your favorite retailers. Where circulars used to only come in the mail, there are digital versions you can access easily online, and many companies will send them directly to your email. Always check the weekly circulars before you buy anything because the item you are looking for might be on sale!

2. Subscribe to your favorite brand’s email lists

Getting spam emails can be annoying, but not if they help you save big money on your purchases. Signing up to your favorite companies and brands’ email lists means that you’ll get first dibs on sale items, and access to exclusive offers, discounts, and coupons that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Each brand is different, but many will also offer an extra incentive to sign up, such as free shipping or 15% off your first order.

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3. Shop off-season

The higher the demand for a product, the more you can expect to pay for it. There is a science to pricing items, and understanding can help you save a considerable amount of money on your purchases. If you know that there’s an item that you need, try to shop for it off-season. For example, if your barbeque is on its way out, purchase a new one in the fall, instead of waiting until spring. Not many people are buying barbeques in the fall since they are a summer appliance. For that reason, the price will be substantially lower.

4. Get Amazon Prime

Amazon sells just about everything you can imagine, and if you make a lot of purchases online, then Amazon Prime will save you big time. It’s only $119 for the entire year, which gets you a whole range of benefits. You will always get free two-day shipping on items that you order, which will dramatically reduce the amount you have to spend. On top of that, you get first access to any flash sales, Prime Music, Prime Video, access to a Kindle lending library, and unlimited phone storage.

5. Use a rewards card

Whenever you shop online, you should always use a credit card that rewards you for your spending. Many companies offer these types of cards with different perks based on your interests. You can go for a classic cash-bark card, giving you money back each time you spend. Alternatively, you can collect rewards for your favorite pastime, such as travel or dining, or points for retailers that you love.

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Hope these shopping hacks will help you during your online shopping.

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